10 Useful Car Hacks Everyone Should Know

Car problems do not have to involve repair shops or expensive solutions. Sometimes, simple household tools can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are 10 useful car hacks that all drivers should know.

Remove stickers

If you can’t get a sticker off, use warm water to soak some newspaper and place it over the sticker. This should release the glue in about ten minutes.

Car sickness

If you get car sick, tilt your head to the side to help the symptoms go away.

Honest repair shop

If you need repairs and are looking for an honest shop, ask the mechanic about a car part you know is in good shape.

Gas tank location

If you are driving a borrowed or rented car, you may not be familiar with the location of the gas tank. The arrow next to the gas pump shows which side the gas tank is on.

Finding your car 

If you are parking in an unfamiliar area, drop a pin on your phone’s map so you have no problem finding it later on.

Increase traction

Before you call your roadside assistance when you get stuck in mud or snow, try a quick hack to increase traction. Use the floormates inside your car and place them underneath your tires to increase traction.

Fixing dents

Don’t pay a car repair shop for something you can do yourself. For small dents, a good car hack is to use a plunger. Spray the area with liquid and use a plunger to suction the dent out.

Frozen Handles

Get frozen handles thawed with a bit of hand sanitizer. Make sure the sanitizer contains alcohol. The alcohol in hand sanitizer helps thaw the ice.

Foggy headlights

Your headlights are bound to get scuffed up and cloudy. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights to improve the clarity of your lights.

Improve gas mileage

Remove excess weight from your car to improve your gas mileage.  According to the EPA, every extra 100 pounds of weight can reduce your fuel economy by 2 percent, or about seven cents per gallon.