3 Easy Ways To Save on Your Energy Bill

An energy bill can be a big expensive for homeowners especially during winter months. If you are a homeowner with a high energy bill in winter, there are a few quick changes you can make to lower your monthly payment.

Use LED lights

One way to save on an energy bill in winter is to use LED lights. LED lights are up to 80 percent more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95 percent of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5 percent is converted into heat, compared to fluorescent bulbs that produce most of their energy as heat. The Department of Energy estimates that residential LEDs use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting.The average lifespan of  LED light bulbs are approximately 20 years. LED light bulbs cost more than other bulb types but are becoming more affordable.

If you are decorating your home for the holidays, the Department of Energy also recommends LED light strings for the following reasons:

  • LED lights are safer: You can avoid having to file a homeowners insurance claim this holiday season by using LED lights to decorate. LED bulbs produce less heat than incandescent lights which reduces the risk of fire and skin burns.
  • LED lights are sturdier: LED bulbs are made with epoxy lenses which makes them more resistant to breaking.
  • LED lights last longer: LED lights last an average of 20 years.
  • LED lights are easier to install: You can connect up to 25 string lights without overloading a wall socket.

Lower your thermostat temperature

Another way to save on your energy bill is by adjusting your thermostat settings when you are home and when you are away. For example, lower your thermostat temperature when are not home and raise the temperature when you are. A programmable thermostat can help you set up a schedule of will automatically change the temperature accordingly.

The Department of Energy estimates that lowering a thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours a day can save an average of 5 to 15 percent a year.

Clean your furnace

Another way homeowners can save on their energy costs is by maintaining their furnaces clean. A yearly check up is recommended, especially to prepare a furnace for winter months. Dirty furnace filters will make your furnace work harder and make it less efficient. A good rule to follow is:

  • one or two-inch filters should be replaced every three months
  • four-inch filters should be replaced every six months
  • five-inch filters should be replaced every 12 months

If your furnace works efficiently, it will use less energy and reduce your energy bill.