3 Most Popular Electric Vehicles of 2019

We’re a little over the halfway point of 2019, which makes it a good time to look at which electric vehicles have been popular. Electric vehicles used to be a dream, until some decided to push the industry. After a good push, some companies were able to make good electric vehicles, but they were not affordable. Now, in 2019, we are seeing a combination of well-designed vehicles at an affordable price. This list consults several resources to find the 3 most popular electric vehicles of 2019.

The electric vehicles on this list are in no particular order. The websites consulted include edmunds.com, tomsguide.com, and digitaltrends.com. Each vehicle listed has a price tag under $40,000, not including the federal tax incentive you receive if you purchase an electric vehicle. An important note to keep in mind: many electric vehicles have a “plus” model that features a longer battery range and a larger price.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is not a “new” vehicle per se but it has gone through a redesign in the past year. The batter range on the Leaf can be anywhere from 150-226 miles depending on the battery you choose. A standard Leaf will cost about $31,000, while the Leaf Plus would run for about $37,000. The price depends on the features you choose, but overall it is one of the most affordable for the quality.

Chevy Bolt

The next contender is the Chevy Bolt, which matches its affordable price with a long-range. In fact, the bolt has the best mileage range for the price. The bold has a standard battery range of over 200 miles on a single charge while keeping the price to around $38,00. This makes the bolt convenient for those who frequently drive, and an ideal electric vehicle for road trips.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has made a lot of headlines in the past few years with their line of sophisticated electric vehicles. Some may even say Tesla pushed the market for electric vehicles, which has spurred a wave of affordable and reliable vehicles. The Model 3 is the most expensive on this list at $39,900 but has the longest standard range as well. The Model 3’s range can run up to 300 miles on a single charge and features over the air updates similar to your smartphone.

Things to Consider

Each vehicle listed is eligible for federal tax incentives, but that amount depends on a few factors. Another factor to consider is availability, meaning not every electric vehicle is readily available. Some may need to be specially transported to your local dealership, home, or other location that will come with a destination fee.

Take-Home Message

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