4 Benefits of Using a Local Agent for Your Business Insurance Needs

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Small business owners have plenty of decisions to make. One of those big decisions is selecting their insurance agent. With so many options, it can be difficult to sort through which agency to turn towards, much less to identify specific insurance needs.

Making the right decision about an insurance agent can make or break a small business in a crisis. Here are some compelling reasons that Ann Anderson of Anderson Insurance Agency in Frisco encourages business owners to choose a local agent.

A local agent understands specific risks.

Small businesses have different needs and different risks than large businesses. A local agent will be familiar with risks specific to your locale; additionally, a local agent has the benefit of perspective gained by serving other local, small businesses.

When you turn to a local agent, you benefit from all of that collective local experience.

A local agent will provide the best customer service.

A local agent has the ability and the incentive to provide the best customer service possible. A local agent will be passionate about their community and has the best interests of local businesses, the business owners, and the community families at heart.

Anderson has countless tales of how she and her husband have gone above and beyond to take care of their clients in ways that only neighbors can serve each other.

Sometimes this service has come in the form of a meal delivered right in the midst of a crisis or a phone call taken in the middle of a weekend or at odd hours. This is the kind of service a small business can’t pay for. Only a community entwined together takes care of each other this way.

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A local agent can save you money. 

A local agent will also have specific knowledge of relevant discounts and unnecessary line items that you may not notice and that a larger agency may not take the time and care to recognize. A local agent may save you thousands of accumulated dollars that you don’t need to spend with just a few simple questions or some updates to a policy.

Peace of Mind.

When a business owner picks an insurance agent, he or she is trusting someone with their business, their financial well-being, and their peace of mind in a crisis. A local agent, who has a reputation for years of business with other local business owners, is going to honor that trust and serve the owner and business with their heart.

Anderson passionately serves the businesses in her community not only through her insurance agency but also through her time with the Chamber of Commerce and through the education that she provides small business owners. Anderson noted,

I love to speak to others about small business and commercial insurance, providing information that is so crucial for success but that is not widely known. I’m always looking for an opportunity to share information that will help support business owners.

She truly wants the best for Frisco and for the small businesses that are part of the landscape here – and she sees herself as a crucial piece in that process.

We’re not a typical insurance agency. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, many of them local businesses. We help share information about them on social media; we help direct them to resources; we promote them to others. We want to share in the success of the business who count on us.

When small businesses hire Anderson Insurance Agency, they’re hiring more than an agent. They’re hiring an advocate, an ally, and another supportive voice in the midst of the many decisions they face daily.

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