4 Ways Crafted Can Help You with the Perfect Gift

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In past years, homemade gifts or crafted presents have been avoided like a holiday illness. That trend is rapidly changing though. The Week estimated that the crafting industry is now worth $40 billion, while 200 million people open Pinterest every month (many of these are crafters or wannabes). 

This is a trend to be celebrated since there are lots of fantastic reasons to create, individually and with others.

It’s been said that crafting and handiwork reduce stress and may even be the key to happiness. They’ve been used successfully in therapy for decades, reducing anxiety and nervous behaviors.

What better time to work on stress reduction than during the busy holiday season? 

For some of us, though, the practice of heading out with a list to gather supplies, carving out time to craft, and clearing space can be a source of stress in and of itself!

Fortunately, small businesses like Crafted in Frisco are making it easy to gather and create together, to gift a fun crafting experience, or just to snag some self-care in the form of crafting time. 

I had a personal experience with this when I attended a local sign-making class with some girlfriends. I showed up two hours late to our group’s time slot, stressed out by various events that were beyond my control and disappointed that I’d missed part of the evening with my friends. 

Under the tutelage of our woodworking coach, I picked up a distressing hammer and worked away. The focus and energy that it took to complete my piece in half of the usual time transformed my evening and my attitude. I left the workshop with a beautiful custom, piece, fun memories with my friends, and a refreshed outlook. 

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Of course, the best thing about the holidays is time together and making memories. The crafting craze and businesses like Crafted make gathering easy and make you, the convener, look like you’re on the cutting edge of a fantastic trend!

Instead of figuring out a board game and a menu, just gather your group for a time of crafting! Supplies are already on hand at Crafted and you only need to (and are welcome to!) bring snacks and wine.

Crafted workshop Frisco TXFinally, we all know that giving is better than getting! The holiday season may be the best time to give a gift that will carry into the New Year, a gift of stress reduction and increased happiness.

Of course, I’m talking about giving the gift of crafting by buying a gift certificate for a loved one to use whenever they feel the urge to distress some wood or slap some paint!

Ready for the list? Here, in summary, are some easy ways to gift, reduce stress for yourself and others, and celebrate this season.

  1. Make a unique gift during one of Crafted’s workshops. Head to their calendar and see what workshop theme fits your fancy. Then create a special sign or gift for a loved one during that time.
  2. Give the gift of quality time. Pick a time slot (or, for a large group, reserve your own private party) and spend time catching up with a friend or loved one while making beautiful pieces together. 
  3. Order a unique, hand-crafted custom sign. Not a crafter? Not a problem! Let Crafted know exactly what you’d like made, selecting from the plethora of options, and give a special gift this year. 
  4. Give a gift certificate to a special person to use at their own convenience.

Crafted LogoCrafted can make your holidays a little brighter this year. Head over to their site now to find a time-slot that works for your schedule.