5 Features To Look For When Apartment Shopping

Before you start searching for an apartment, think about what you want and need in your new home. When you start thinking about what is important, making a decision will be so much easier.

From location to conveniences, here are our top five things to consider before renting an apartment.


Consider how far the apartment is from public transportation, work, friends, and other important places like grocery stores. Would you rather pay more in rent and be closer or rent a little bit further from conveniences and save money?


Look at the crime rate in the area to check how safe the neighborhood is. You may also want to consider apartment buildings with a lobby or at the very least, a common entryway. Depending on unit availability, pick an apartment that is not on ground level for added security.


While it may not seem like the biggest priority, struggling to find parking after a long day away from home can quickly become a nuisance. Apartment buildings with reserved parking would be ideal. If reserved parking is not available, check the parking situation on a weekday evening. This will get you an idea of how the parking lot will be when you get home from work.


Think about how many items you have to store and whether or not the apartment has enough storage room for them. Picking an apartment with enough storage space can save you a lot of money on storage units. Walk-in closets are a definite plus. Some buildings also have additional storage lockers, usually on the same floor as your apartment.


Appliances are also very important to consider. Look at how old and worn down the appliances are. You may want to ask the landlord to replace these if they are not in good running shape. Check how many of the appliances are electric, as this will definitely increase your utility bills.

Once you are settled in your new apartment, remember that none of your belongings are insured without a renters insurance policy. Renters insurance is very affordable. For about $15 a day, you can cover your belongings from theft, fires and other disasters that may affect your area.