5 Reasons to Love Musical Arts Schoolhouse in Frisco

Musical Arts Schoolhouse 5

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“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Frisco’s Musical Arts Schoolhouse is a magical place. When you walk down the halls, it immediately becomes clear you aren’t in a typical preschool.

As you walk the halls, you’ll hear music floating out of classrooms along with the distinctive “tap tap tap” of tiny tap shoes. Around the corner, laughter bubbles up from the theater room, where kids are participating in a lively Mother Goose puppet show. Across the hall, students are greeting each other in Spanish.

In the art room, children are experimenting with swirls of color to create their own “Starry Night” painting. And further down the hall, a geography lesson is underway, as students crowd with excitement around a colorful map.

Teaching Academics Through the Arts

If you’re looking for a unique educational experience, the Musical Arts Schoolhouse is one to visit. This extraordinary program, a part of the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts, offers a rare and thoughtful approach to preschool and kindergarten.

Academics are integrated with stimulating daily activities in foreign language, art, music, dance, and theater to create a dynamic learning environment. The Musical Arts Schoolhouse is designed to create a love of learning through creative experiences and provide top-notch academic preparedness for students.

Musical Arts Schoolhouse

Musical Arts Schoolhouse offers Frisco families an inspiring choice for early childhood education. With so much creativity and movement packed into every day, school has never been so much fun!

Here are five great reasons to consider Musical Arts Schoolhouse for your child. (You can thank us later when your preschooler is racing to the car each morning!)


Musical Arts Schoolhouse offers a strong, diverse academic curriculum focused on age-appropriate readiness skills, challenging each student to reach their full potential. Low student-to-teacher ratios allow each child to be taught at their individual learning level, resulting in an early love of learning.

Academic areas of focus include handwriting, math, science, geography, and a robust language and reading program.

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Students also take daily Spanish class, taught by native speakers. Through active learning, songs, puppets, flashcards, and books, learning a foreign language becomes relevant — and fun.

Weekly curriculum themes are coordinated throughout all daily activities, to re-enforce new information and help children retain what they’re learning.


At Musical Arts Schoolhouse, early learning concepts come alive through the arts! Each school day, students participate creatively in music, art, dance, and theater.

Students are never bored, rotating to five separate and unique classrooms each day. Dance isn’t once a week – it’s once a day!

The classes introduce each area of artistic expression through a fun, age-appropriate approach. They also tie into weekly academic curriculum themes to re-enforce learning through movement and creative play.

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Music: Students work with all types of instruments on an age-appropriate level, including piano exploration. The program includes singing, movement, sequencing, patterns, and pitch.

Students are also introduced to pre-music notation and rhythms, as well as music terminology and famous composers. Executive Director Chris Duncan says,

Music is incredibly beneficial in the lives of small children and sets them up for success in the future. Through music, children learn to express themselves as well as their different emotions.

Art: Students develop drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafting skills. The class also offers art appreciation by learning about different artists and movements. Imagine your preschooler learning about Jackson Pollack’s Abstract Expressionism, Andy Warhol’s Pop Art, and Salvador Dali’s Surrealism! The featured “artist of the week” inspires projects as students mimic the artists’ work, learn art terminology, and work with colors.

Dance: Students are instructed in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, light tumbling, and creative movement. Chris Duncan says.

Children who dance have increased self-esteem, coordination, balance, discipline, and respect for themselves and others. Mastering the different positions in ballet or learning the steps in tap create a sense of self-worth in children.

Theater: Imaginations run wild! Children act as different characters, dress up in costumes, learn their way around a stage, and practice public speaking. Students learn about facial expressions, stage presence, performance, poetry, and puppetry through both teacher-directed and child-initiated performances. Chris says,

Our theater program enhances self-esteem, encourages cooperation, and improves communication and listening skills. Confidence blooms in children when they take part in skits and perform for their friends and family.

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Stage Performances

Get ready for your kiddo to take center stage! Students at Musical Arts Schoolhouse participate in five (!) amazing stage shows each year. These performances are memorable opportunities for students and their families (at no extra cost to parents). The performances take place at the school’s state of the art Frisco Performing Arts Center with full lights and audio (plus live internet broadcast for friends and family who cannot attend in person).

Musical Arts Schoolhouse 1Students participate in Fall and Spring Music and Art Gallery Shows, as well as a Spring Theater/Dance show, with full costume and speaking parts.

Each December, the students put on a Nutcracker Fantasy, showcasing theater and dance experiences in a fun, imaginative style.

Students also participate in cap and gown graduation ceremonies in the Spring, with presentations in academics, Spanish, music, art, and theater. That’s surely worth a “Bravo!”

Special Events

As if all of this fun and creativity isn’t enough, Musical Arts Schoolhouse offers an array of special events during the school year to help connect students with our community, celebrate families, and bring learning to life.

Students participate in popular traditions like Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, and a “100 days of school” celebration. They enjoy visits from the Frisco Fire Department, and a fabulous fall festival, with student-made costumes, a grand parade, and seasonal dances.

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Artist visits are also a special part of the year. These visits feature accomplished artists sharing their talents in fun, interactive ways. Chris explains,

In the past, we’ve brought in a drummer with tons of drums for children to try, a ‘language of the fan’ featuring fun movements using hand fans that students made, visiting dancers, a guitar specialist with five special instruments to demonstrate, and more!


In addition to a unique, creativity infused curriculum, Musical Arts Schoolhouse offers Frisco families convenience and value. Two-day, three-day, and five-day options are available for students ages three to kindergarten. In addition, before and after school class options are offered.

MusicalArtsLogo Red 01 512Whatever your family’s needs and schedules, Musical Arts Schoolhouse has a program that will work for you. The School offers flexibility, plus a diverse curriculum that incorporates activities (such as dance class and music) that would otherwise be extra commitments in the evenings or on weekends.

Musical Arts Schoolhouse is a special place. It’s a place where learning comes alive and young children develop confidence, creativity, and a life-long love for the arts. Executive Director Chris Duncan sums up the heart and spirit of the school saying,

We are thrilled to have so many wonderful families trust us with their children. We hope when you walk into our space you feel just like we do… This is a school filled with happy and fulfilling learning experiences each and every day.

Musical Arts Schoolhouse invites you to join them for a full school day to see the difference first-hand.Schedule a free Discovery Day!

Parents, here’s a bonus: Musical Arts Schoolhouse and Frisco School of Music have terrific summer camps, with fun-filled choices for all ages. Explore the vast number of creative experiences available to your children this summer!