5 Ways To Keep Car Cool In Summer

Direct sunlight and parked vehicles go together about as well as toothpaste and orange juice. The summer heat can make the interior of a parked vehicle feel like a sauna. Vehicles with darker colors especially feel the heat, and those with leather interiors know the anguish of bare skin on leather seats. Even the steering wheel can become too hot to touch along with the seat belts.     

Luckily, there are plenty of methods to keep vehicles cool in the summer. Some of the tips are classics, such as cracking windows open, but others involve buying gadgets that help cool-down vehicle.  

1. Cracking Windows, Setting Towels On Interior     

Leaving windows ajar assists in natural ventilation, allowing heat to escape. However, too much space for an arm or some other object that can unlock the door can lead to theft and vandalism, which your vehicle insurance may or may not cover.

On the other hand, laying towels on the seats and steering wheel can prevent heat build-up.  Wetting the towels can help but some may not want damp towels on the interior.

2.  Window shades, Dash Visors     

For some people, especially those with a dark-colored vehicle, cracking windows is not enough. Investing in widow visors/shads and dash visors can be critical. The visors and shades block and reflect sunlight from getting into the vehicle thus keeping it cool  

3.  Remote Start + AC     

Usually remote starts use is preheating vehicles in winter, however, this feature is not strictly designed for winter. Before using this feature, be sure to switch the temperature controls to AC.   

4. Solar-powered fan     

A crucial and underused resource is sunlight, so take advantage of it and buy a solar-powered fan. Attaching the fan to the interior helps circulate air in the vehicle.         

5. Tinting           

Tinting windows can be stylish, functional, and costly. The problem with tinting is that its subject to state laws, meaning a vehicle can only have a certain level of tint. The best way to not break a law is to do some research and find out what level of tint before buying it.