6 Classes That Will Inspire Your Yoga Journey

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This article is sponsored by Horizon Hot Yoga.

Feeling a bit blasé with your yoga? Let Horizon Hot Yoga add a little spice to your yoga journey with one of their unique classes and workshops.

Owner’s Mike and Mary understand that over time your practice can become a bit monotonous from attending the same old style of class day after day, year after year. To mix things up, Horizon features a variety of classes to inspire your journey.

Ways to Wind Down

Whether you’re a type-A personality going mock 10 or you just need to destress, these classes come highly recommended to uncoil your mind and body. And to help you breathe a bit better….

Restorative Meditation

If your go-to for relaxation is a bubble bath or a glass of vino, consider a restorative meditation class instead. Restorative yoga is the practice of cultivating stillness. This allows the body to relax so it can repair itself. You might be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel post-session.

The 45-minute classes offer guided meditation along with comfortable yoga postures. Instructor Megan Pokeart teaches simple take-home stress-reducing techniques that will prove useful when anxiety is skyrocketing.

Currently, these classes are taught on Thursdays at 11:00 am, and no prior yoga experience is necessary. It’s open to the entire community and donation-based.

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Kundalini Yoga

Need to do a little soul searching? A Kundalini Yoga session will help you find an inner connection to your soul and a meditative state of bliss! Some people say they feel “moved” during a session.

Kundalini is referred to as the Yoga of Awareness because it combines breath work, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system. The postures also help to strengthen the nervous system and purify the blood in your body. Thus bringing your mind, body, and soul into harmony.

Currently, these sessions are offered weekly on Thursday nights, taught by Megan Poakeart.

Yin Yoga

When’s the last time you really stretched? You don’t remember, right? Then add Yin Yoga to your fitness program. Yin is a low-intensity class performed at a slower pace. Life moves so quickly these days…sometimes it feels so darn good to move at sloth speed for a little while.

horizon hot yoga IMG 7996Yin’s sequence allows you to ease your way into each posture. Each pose is held for several minutes to help you unwind mentally and relieve those tight muscles. Think of this class as a soothing balm to remedy your achy spots. You might find yourself saying out loud “Ahhhh…”

Currently, these sessions are taught on Tuesdays at 7:15 pm, led by Elenna Heroux. As a former national figure skater, she understands the benefits of stretching.

Ways to Wind Up

Love a fast-paced workout? Thrive on being in constant motion? Here are a few of Horizon Hot Yoga’s energetic offerings:

Movement Flow

Do you like to “move it, move it”? Try Joshua Boucher’s Movement Flow, currently offered on Tuesday nights at 4:30 pm. Movement Flow combines several yoga disciplines for an adventurous way of flowing your body through various postures.

The breath-based practice combines yoga, martial arts, functional movement, and Pilates. Newbies will enjoy a great stretch, while advanced yogis can take their practice to the edge.

Rocket Yoga

This class always has a buzz around it! Think of Rocket Yoga as the prequel to Ashtanga. If you’ve always wanted to try the take-it-to-your-edge Ashtanga, but felt you couldn’t bend and twist into the postures, Rocket will help you achieve your next level. And quite possibly take you beyond it.

Rocket Yoga stems from traditional Ashtanga but adds a playful and dynamic approach. You’ll build upper body strength in no time. Plus, the sessions also offer all traditional mind, body soul yoga benefits. Call Horizon for upcoming Rocket Yoga events.

Power Flow

Love a Vinyasa class but want to amp it up? Try Power Flow! These energizing sessions combine Vinyasa postures with a powerful aerobic flow. The classes are designed to build strength, burn calories, and improve your core.

Not only will you sculpt your physique but you’ll get rid of toxins and boost the lymphatic system. After a few sessions, you’ll likely discover an incredible power you’ve kindled within.

Ways to Workshop

Recently, Horizon Hot Yoga turned two and partied like it was 1999 — or, like 1300? Yep, they had Denise Deniger in the house teaching several unique workshops. One was a Tibetan Heart Yoga that offered ancient style teachings from the 1300s.

horizon hot yoga IMG 7720 1Adding to the festivities, Horizon had 4th place world champion Bikram yoga master, JJ Garcia, at the studio. He conducted several workshops including Hot 26 and Tibetan Rites. The sequences were designed to have physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Mary Von Ahnen, Co-Owner of Horizon Hot Yoga, shared,

Our general philosophy around workshops is the same as in the classes we offer…we love for people to explore. We bring in people who have deep credentials (even globally acclaimed, like Carson Clay Calhoun, Ben Sears, etc.) in areas where we already have classes (like Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga, Hot 26) so that our students can go deeper in classes they already practice. We also bring in workshops in areas that offer unusual experiences often hard to find in the area (like the Tibetan yoga).

For the rest of February, you can hang at Horizon with yoga guru Carson Clay Calhoun. If you like to stand on your head or bend like a pretzel, check out one of his classes Monday through Thursday nights at 6:00 pm. He’s sure to pull you out of your comfort zone and it’s sure to be a whole lot of fun!

To learn more about the studio’s classes and to browse their schedule, visit the Horizon Hot Yoga website. Your yoga journey will never feel blasé again.