6 Safety Tips for Summer Bonfires

Summer is approaching and summer parties won’t be too far behind. One staple of summer parties are bonfires. Bonfires can be great to bring people together. However. if they not handled properly, they can result in personal injury or even worse.

Here are 5 safety tips on how to properly host summer bonfires:

Check the weather

Be sure to check the weather before you start the fire. Windy conditions can cause a bonfire to get out of control quickly. Do not host bonfires with high winds as this could also blow sparks from the fire towards nearby houses. 

Keep safety equipment nearby 

Be sure to have a bucket of water, a garden hose or a fire extinguisher nearby just in case a fire starts to get out of control. Doing so will give you peace of mind, as you will be able to react quickly. 

Starting the fire 

When you start the bonfire, do not use any lighter fluid or any other kind of accelerant. Instead use old newspapers, small sticks, fire logs or firesticks as these burn slowly and are easier to manage. 

Don’t leave the bonfire unattended

When guests are leaving, be sure to never leave the bonfire unattended. Fires can spread rapidly and leaving the fire unattended for just a few minutes can result in the fire getting out of control. 

Build the fire away from buildings and trees 

Flying embers can be dangerous to nearby buildings and trees so be sure to build your fire 10-15 feet away. Keeping the fire far away from buildings and trees will decrease the risk of flying embers starting another fire. 

Choose the right pit 

Make sure the bonfire pit you purchase is a good fit for the area you are planning to have the bonfire in. Do not build a fire bigger than the pit you buy. Also, if you are having the is on a grassy area, make sure you buy one high enough, so you don’t burn the grass below the pit. 

Bonfires can be a source of some great summer fun. Make sure your homeowners insurance covers any accidental damage just in case the fire does get out of control. If there is going to be alcohol involved, it is also wise to make sure your home insurance has liability coverage as well.