7 Fun Ways to Get Fit and Make Memories as a Family

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When was the last time your family got physically active together? Three, six…nine months ago?

I’m not referring to any given Saturday in Frisco when the kids play rec sports and you watch from the sidelines… I’m talking about the entire family taking a digital detox, getting off the couch, and jumping into some healthy, physical fitness – together!

Sadly, the last recreational activity I remember doing as a family was three years ago when while living in Kansas City. We used to have regular family dinners at the grandparent’s house with all the siblings and cousins. After dinner, we had a friendly game of cul-de-sac kickball or baseball.

The entire family got involved and we shared a lot of laughs. The neighbors even joined in the fun. It’s one of the things my family misses most about our time living in there…

Could your family could use some healthy, recreational time together?

family funEvery year in late September our country recognizes National Family Health and Fitness Day. It’s a great reminder that the family who stays healthy together, is likely to be happier together!

Whether you make it an annual tradition to run a 5K together or you choose to add family walks to your weekly routine, there are many benefits to setting the family in motion!

What are the benefits of families being active together?

Family physical activity has become almost obsolete with the birth of tech devices. Especially, when every member of your household has something electronic. Tommy’s snap-chatting, Emma’s watching Netflix, and Bailey’s making a Tik Tok. Sound familiar?

It’s no wonder obesity rates in America continue to skyrocket. Approximately 40% or 93.3 million adults are obese. But wait, it’s not just an adult issue! 13.7 million children and adolescents between the age of 2-19 years are also struggling with obesity.

It’s time to start moving! 

family activityBeing active doesn’t have to feel like a huge chore. Whether it’s an after-dinner walk or an at-home dance party, it can be simple to add more memory-making movement to your family’s time together.

Furthermore, being active together may increase the family bond and help to establish lifelong good habits for your kids.

Here are some family-friendly (and in many cases, free) ideas that will get everyone moving – and making memories – together!


Does kickball take you back to the playground or gym class in elementary school? This activity is great for all ages because it has only a few rules.

Grab your family, neighbors, or friends and find a big open space. A quiet cul-de-sac, green belt, or park works well to set up three bases and a home plate. You can get creative with your bases (paper plates, cones, etc) or even using chalk to draw bases on the pavement. (Younger kids will love helping you create bases!)

Kickball is a great physical activity that will have every player running. Your heart will be pumping each time you race to a base trying not to get tagged out. And there always seems to be one kicker who sends the ball into no man’s land…


Hula Hoop

Put on your favorite music playlist and grab a colorful hula hoop or two. That simple plastic tube invented sixty years ago can provide an hour or two of twirling fun! Not only is it fun, but the activity offers a variety of health benefits.

Hula hooping is an exercise that raises the heart rate and strengthens your core muscles. You can twirl the hoop around your waist, limbs, or neck.

If you want to firm up the ole tummy, opt for spinning it around your waist while wiggling those hips! Your family will probably get a good laugh watching you try to balance the hoop on your waistline…

Smaller children will especially enjoy seeing how long they can swing the hoop around an arm or leg. Younger children might even enjoy using the hula hoop like a jump rope.

If you have 5 or 6 hoops consider lining them up like hopscotch and jumping through them. Or make an obstacle course and crawl through the hoops!

Freeze Tag

Grab the family and head outside for a classic childhood game of freeze tag! There’s something exhilarating about running away from the person designated as “it”.

When you’re caught, it’s also fun to stand in a silly frozen position until someone “unfreezes” you. If you have a larger group involved, choose several people to be the tagger. That way the “it” designee doesn’t get stuck in the position too long.

You can also take the game up a notch! Try it at one of the local indoor ice skating rinks. It’s a little more challenging to chase someone on the ice, but a whole lot of fun!


Pump up the tires, strap on the helmets and pedal away! Biking is a great low-impact exercise that uses all of the major muscle groups. It improves your cardiovascular system, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Make an afternoon out of it by cycling to the park to play, then have a picnic lunch. Or pedal to an ice cream store for an after-dinner treat. That will definitely put a smile on your family’s face!


swingsWho doesn’t have fond memories of the swing set as a kid? Head to the park and hop on a swing! Believe it or not, swinging has both physical and mental benefits.

The pumping movement works your legs, arms, and core muscles. As you hold onto the chain, it strengthens your fingers and grip strength. (You’ll be thankful for a strong grip next time you have to open that super tight spaghetti jar. No more asking for help!)

Swinging will also help you shed some pounds. Did you know that one hour of swinging can burn approximately 200 calories?

Swinging can also boost your mood! The repetitive back and forth motion can be stress-relieving. You may feel a sense of tranquility as you soar up, up and away and descend again with a breeze on your face.

The playfulness of enjoying this timeless activity together is sure to induce smiles and laughter. You can even amp up the fun by adding a little competition! Challenge your mate or kids to see who can fly the highest first.

Your family’s mood just might soar sky-high.

Rock Climbing

Head over to Summit Climbing, Yoga and Fitness for 32,000 square feet of challenging fun, no experience necessary!

On your first visit, Summit’s staff will provide a 101 base knowledge so that your family can climb safely. The predetermined routes allow you and your little daredevils to climb five stories into the sky!

indoor rock climbingOf course, what climbs up, must come down. This is the fun part! Rappelling kind of feels like flying…and what kid doesn’t want to fly through the air?

Summit offers an area for smaller children to climb a less-intimidating two stories high. You also have the option to belay your child or they can utilize the auto-belay system.

If heights aren’t for you or your family try the 5000 square feet of bouldering. You can aim for an easy-peezy route or attempt hanging off a cliff-like rock structure. The children’s climbing area is also equipped with a small boulder for little tot’s.

It’s a whole-body workout that will leave you exhilarated and exhausted. Your kids might even ask to hit the hay early!

Urban Air

If you haven’t been to Urban Air lately, you may be delighted to know that it has a whole new look to spark your family’s interest! The trampoline and adventure park invites you to jump to your heart’s content, defy gravity or fly through the sky!

Hit the trampolines and try to shoot hoops while bouncing. Or, maybe try the obstacle course! The kids will definitely get a laugh falling into the foam pit.

If you love the sensation of ziplining, Urban Air recently added “Sky Rider,” an indoor coaster that allows you to fly through the sky! Or, test your balance and agility with the “Ropes Course” that defies gravity.

Which activity/ies will you choose to get the family moving? What would you add to our list?

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