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AKT Plano

It’s launch time! Or so Serena Cole thought…

A Dallas Area Developer, Serena spent three years researching franchises to figure out what would trend well in the bougie DFW market. In 2018, she came across AKT, a dance based cardio fitness and wellness empire founded by trainer Anna Kaiser.

This was it. She purchased the rights to the DFW Metroplex.

Under normal circumstances, AKT in North Texas would’ve been a slam dunk. One of the hottest fitness programs on the market, these are the moves Kelly Ripa does for those killer arms. Shakira, Karlie Kloss, and Sarah Jessica Parker love it too as a way to keep their bodies “red carpet ready.” This is boredom-buster, “shake your body and feel the burn” kind of a workout. And it works.

Serena had her t’s crossed and her i’s dotted, ready to launch AKT in Plano last spring. But then, as you know, a strong wind blew a global pandemic across the world shutting down small businesses. And AKT was halted.

“It’s never easy to open a small business, much less a small business during a global pandemic, shares Serena. But despite the setbacks and challenges, Serena was able to follow through with her dreams and open the doors to AKT Plano in July.

AKT Plano West

They call it “badassery” for a reason.

You know the hip new drink everyone is sipping? Or those sneakers all the “cool kids” are wearing? Apply that concept to the fitness scene and you’ll begin to appreciate Anna Kaiser Technique (AKT). They say it this way:

AKT is a unique combination of toning, interval, circuit, and dance-based workouts, with new original programming created every three weeks. We train. We sweat. We get results. And we have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

As a former dancer, Anna Kaiser was looking for a way to bridge the gap between the “old school” gym concept and bougie fitness boutiques. It was also important to her that the wellness brand fueled positivity and sheer fun for women. (Don’t worry, gentleman, you are welcome, too — you’re sure to feel the burn, too.)

AKT Plano 3

At AKT you’ll never have to worry about plateauing or getting bored with the sweat sessions. Kaiser choreographs new dance routines every three weeks to keep the workouts spicy and challenge muscles differently. The studio also offers a club-like vibe complete with a spinning disco ball that reflects light off the wall as you move.

What’s more, there’s the special AKT springy flooring that helps to put an extra bounce in your step. Add an energetic instructor and heart-pumping music and you’ll be able to push yourself to the edge.

The five pillars of AKT are:

  • BADASSERY: You’ve got to be a bit of a badass to show up for life, but to show up for excellence is something more.
  • RHYTHM: What makes a workout really stick is when you have fun doing it. When you can let loose and get lost in the rhythm.
  • COMMUNITY: A community of support, energetic, and welcoming trainers, staff and clients.
  • PASSION: Passion for learning, doing, and sharing.
  • RESULTS: We work with you to not only define your goals but to keep you on track to achieve them.

Get ready. These four classes will whip you into shape.

Dance: If you loved Zumba in the early 2000s, then AKT’s dance-based fitness has your name on it. The class offers choreographed cardio-dance along with short strength training intervals. Not only will you tone your body but you’ll finish the class with a mind-blowing high. You might even begin to feel like one of Shakira’s back-up dancers.

AKT Plano 1

I recommend signing up for this class if you’ve had a stressful day because you’ll forget all about it when you start movin’ and groovin’. Bonus points your burning calories and improving your heart. Never fear, if you’re not a dancer or have 2 left feet! The instructor will teach you the choreography; even the most uncoordinated will have the moves down before class ends.

Bands: The class is designed as an interval sports-based workout that utilizes bands, dumbbells, and a stability box. You’ll perform movements such as soccer taps and box step-ups for a full hour (to rev up the ol’ ticker) along with strength training. It’ll also improve your balance and agility while working your body on all planes of motion.

Best of all… If you struggle with spatial awareness like I do, this is a great class to help improve hand-eye coordination. It forces you to move your arms via bands floating from the ceiling while moving your legs.

AKT Plano 3

Tone: This baby is a 45 minute “burn every single muscle in your body” kind of class. Trust me, your muscles will shake and feel the burn! Then you can have an “ahhhh” moment! The last 15 minutes of class offers an active release of foam rolling that feels like pure bliss. This enables you to effectively recover before your next AKT workout.

I tried the Tone workout and it was anything but boring or predictable! I was surprised when the instructor said we would only use a little black towel and a mat. But don’t be fooled by the lack of equipment — it was a supercharged, full-body workout. We used the black towel for chest presses, bicep curls, triceps, you name it. Every inch of my arms and upper body were on fire.

By the time we transitioned to the little black mat, I was ready to flop into a fetal position. However, our energetic instructor inspired each one of us to push to the edge and beyond. We performed pushups and a million situps in funky positions, followed by leg lifts, hip lifts, and more.

This is one class you’ll love and hate at the same time. But post-class, you’ll immediately sign up for the next session.

AKT Plano 2

Circuit: If you love a powerhouse workout then this is the class to hit. This is AKT’s full body circuit training class. It offers four circuits with four exercises in each circuit for three rounds. You’ll build lean muscle mass by utilizing medium weights combined with full-body exercises. Build lean muscle mass by combining plyometric full body power exercises, with medium weight compound strength movements in 30 second and 15 second intervals.

Are you ready to “train, sweat, get results, and have a hell of a lot of fun”?

Check out AKT in Plano. It just might be the most fun you’ve had in 2020!

AKT recommends you take 4-5 classes per week to feel the benefits of their program. Price incentives are extended to committed clients in the form of class packages and memberships. First-timers can check out the Frequenly Asked Questions and try a free class anytime.

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