Be Discovered at the First-Ever Virtual North Texas’s Got Talent!

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The show must go on, Frisco! And to that end…

North Texas Performing Arts is preparing to host the largest all-ages VIRTUAL online talent competition in the world… North Texas’s Got Talent!

NTPA has offered an open invitation to this global online event to performers around the world! This opportunity will showcase the incredible gifts of performers from North Texas and beyond, bringing together a worldwide community of artists and lovers of the performing arts.

How does it work?

singing childThe competition consists of four regional competitions with host cities Dallas, Plano, Fairview and Frisco, and a global competition for North Texas and beyond.

There will be five different age divisions per competition, ranging from entry-level to a featured Adult competition.

For a small entry fee, participants can submit their video entries to any or all of these competitions, and win cash prizes and NTPA scholarships. Tickets will be made available for online audiences around the world.

NTPA’s online competition could be the largest virtual all-ages contest in the world as adult professionals, amateurs, and moms and dads together with youth of all ages compete. NTPA CEO Darrell Rodenbaugh shared,

We are in talks with sponsors with hopes to boost the prizes that contestants can win, though the real prize is bragging rights for being the ‘Best in North Texas.’ That’s what competitors will be shooting for.

Together We Can Beat This

NTPA’s entertaining competition is launched as part of its ‘Together We Can Beat This” campaign, with a goal to keep adult and youth performing arts lovers engaged and productive while its theatres and studios are closed by state and local mandate.

NTPA has been forced to cease stage operations and close its studios due to Covid-19 mandates from city and state governments. Rodenbaugh adds,

“Our operational incomes from ticket sales and tuition sources constitute the majority of our income. As a small non-profit, we don’t have the capacity to set aside the kind of reserves to take on this sort of challenge.”

North Texas Performing Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit institution made up of an adult Repertory Theatre and a family of youth theatres that has become the country’s largest non-profit youth theatre organization.

NTPA Frisco TX

NTPA is deeply appreciated by many local families, with troupes not only in Frisco, but also in Plano, Dallas, and Fairview. Founder Sara Akers shared,

We’ve been through some difficult times in the thirty years since this theatre was created. But we always found a way for our students to take the stage and have their voices heard.

In addition to the virtual talent competition, NTPA is launching a series of online learning programs and private tutoring to help keep its 7,000 students across North Texas engaged and focused on productive efforts and has been conducting on-line rehearsals for almost a week.

NTPA announced last week that it would suspend stage performances until May 1st, affecting hundreds of performances and thousands of actors and patrons in four regional North Texas locations. Rodenbaugh explains,

We’ve launched a long list of new programs and activities to service our 7,000 youth across North Texas, and we’ve begun an outreach effort to donors and supporters to make sure they understand the severity of our situation. We’ve made it through some pretty big difficulties over the years, and with the support of our students, families and donors, we will make it through this one.

Your WORLDWIDE Audience Awaits, Frisco!

NTPA-Frisco, formerly referred to as Frisco Youth Theatre, has been dedicated to developing the character of our community’s youth through quality performing arts education and family entertainment for nearly seven years.

In case you missed it, NTPA is currently collaborating with boutique-style Real Estate Development Company, Nack Development to build NTPA-Frisco’s first-ever performance space in the Rail District. The project is well underway.

NTPA Frisco Nack Theater

Watch a video interview with Nack Development CEO Donny Churchman for details about this and other Nack projects in Frisco.

The Virtual North Texas’s Got Talent competition is a great way for our community to continue its support of NTPA-Frisco. Each competition will offer different age-based divisions, following the NTPA AMPs (Achievement of Memorable Performances) age categories:

• Rising Stars: Grade 4 and Below
• Juniors: Grades 5-6
• Intermediates: Grades 7-9
• Senior: Grade 10-12
• Adult – 18+ (Out of High School)

Note: For group acts, the age category will be determined by the age of the oldest participant.


For just a $20 entry fee for each contest you enter, you can submit your video for the WORLD to see! There will be TWO ROUNDS in this competition, a “Regional” round hosted by an NTPA host city, and a NORTH TEXAS ROUND! Any Participant may compete in either or BOTH competitions. CEO, Darrell Rodenbaugh, has added that,

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, we know that many adult artists have lost jobs. Because of this, we are thrilled to offer entry to this contest for FREE to any adult age 18+. We are asking that those who can, support the fundraising efforts with a $20 donation. Thank you for your support during this difficult time. We know that “Together We Can Beat This!

All of the submission details and deadline information is outlined on the North Texas’s Got Talent web page.

SING, DANCE, or ACT, Frisco! Your audience is waiting! Tickets will be made available to view the videos from all competitors for just $10 per competition.

Donors and patrons can find more information on ways to support North Texas Performing Arts at

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