Being Crafty is Easier Than You Think at Crafted in Frisco

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This article is sponsored by Crafted in Frisco.

A few years ago, Melissa Winton’s dream came true when her self-proclaimed “unhealthy Pinterest obsession” and love of wood-crafting turned into a business. As the Owner of Crafted Wood Crafted Studio in downtown Frisco, she’s hosted countless groups and parties in her studio in addition to making custom-ordered signs.

Step inside of the adorably creative Crafted Studio and you’re met with raw wood, hammers, stencils, and paint. Melissa and her team will guide you through the process of using these materials to create a finished wood sign or other project.

It’s a fun, safe, and social environment with a wide range of crafts offered for every person – no matter their skill level.

Crafted Frisco

Did you say there are no skills required??

That’s right. Crafted aspires to provide a studio where anyone – men, women, and even children – can enjoy a time out from the daily grind and try something new! Using different textiles and materials with professional guidance, guests will complete and bring home a special piece of art or décor.

Best of all, it’s all their own style and their making. Melissa’s wood-crafting workshops have been fine-tuned over time, making them as simple and organized as possible for even the most amateur crafter to embrace.

What does a Crafted workshop entail?

Crafted workshop Frisco 12Recently I had the chance to experience the whole process firsthand. On this casual, summer night, a lively group of ladies – all wives or daughters of our beloved Frisco Police Department – tackled their own personalized DIY projects.

The studio itself is absolute heaven…

When the guests walked in, they were greeted by dozens of finished products on display with beautiful scripted lettering in varying shades of stain and color.

Not one to waste time and with everyone assembled, Melissa jumped straight into the plan for the evening.

She begins each workshop with a safety lesson and then reviews each of the colors and stains on display. She explains how you can mix, match, and experiment!

Let’s get crafting!

I learned that the process is very streamlined, and the Crafted team will support their guests every step of the way. Perhaps the best part? Learning Melissa’s methods! Here’s how it works:

Wood Selection: First, everyone chooses their wood from the pinewood lumber stock. Three different sizes are available depending on which type of sign you are creating.

Distressing and Sanding: This is, for many people, the best moment of the workshop. You can use hammers and other distressing techniques to give the wood an authentic worn look.

Crafted workshop Frisco 4For example, you can create an effect on the wood so that it looks like it’s had termite damage or even woodpecker damage, similar to that of reclaimed wood.

All of the hammers are on display with exact wooden examples of what it will look like as a finished product. There are also some screws provided to use with the hammer to mimic nail holes.

Once the hammering is complete, the edges of the wood are sanded to smooth out and remove any small splinters.

Staining and faux finishing: Clients then consider where in the house they’ll eventually place the finished product. Crafted will then help you choose from a range of shades and colors that best fits that room.

The stain is painted on, and then, using a rag it’s wiped dry, making sure to get the stain evenly distributed across the smallest nooks and crannies.

Crafted workshop Frisco 7Also, at this point, you can choose to add a faux finish to the wood. This extra finish (there are five to choose from) creates a rustic or vintage look to the finished product.

You can even create a natural driftwood effect, similar to what you’d find on a beach.

Assemble: Now you get to break out the tools! Once each of the planks is stained and dry, they’re nailed together to create the square or rectangle size product (see gallery).

Some projects don’t require assembly (trays, for example), but the process is quick and simple using Crafted’s tools…and again, guidance from Melissa. Now its all really coming together!

Stencil: Now it’s time to place the chosen stencil on the dry wooden planks. The stencil designs are usually selected from Crafted’s gallery one week in advance of your workshop so that Melissa can prepare the personalization for you.

Crafted workshop Frisco 9If you don’t see a design to your liking, you can provide a custom concept or share photos to illustrate your idea. There’s nothing that Melissa won’t consider working with you on to achieve that unique personalized product for your home.

Each of the ladies in the class that I attended had chosen different themes ranging from their family name and/or last initial to fall-themed signs and Christmas designs.

The stencils are placed on the dry wood to check their position, then the wood is set aside to for a moment. The stencil itself must be quickly prepared by pressing on the back with a wooden dowel.

Crafted workshop FriscoOnce complete, the first backing is carefully peeled off and this time is permanently placed on the wooden planks.

At this point, having successfully placed the stencil on the wood, the second clear protection is peeled back leaving you with the exposed stencil ready to apply the colored paints of choice.

Painting: This seems to be the part everyone enjoys. It’s time to apply the color onto the wood through the stencil pattern. The color choices available are beautifully vibrant and pair well with all the wood shades.

Melissa carefully put together a reference board so anyone attending a class can see an example of how each color looks against the chosen stain and finish.

Once the colored paint is complete the big reveal takes place! With the help of an Exacto knife, each of the stencils is removed carefully. The chosen woodcraft is then branded and ready to go home.

See? You’re a Wood Crafter after all!

Melissa and her husband are close by every step of the way with each participant to provide a personal one-on-one service and ensure you get the exact look you desire. One recent participant described her experience this way:

I attended a night out at Crafted last week with the Frisco Police Wives and loved it so much! I was telling my friends at work and now we plan to book a work team building event soon.

Crafted workshop Frisco 8If you’ve often flirted with the idea of doing some sort of “Make and Take” class, but felt it might be out of your comfort zone, think again. I can personally attest for how straightforward the process is for all skill levels.

You’ll be under the instruction of an expert who is dedicated to not only teaching you but providing a fun, laid back and social environment.

Maybe Crafted is the location for your next night out! Whether it’s with a group of friends, your significant other, or with collegues, here’s a tip: bring your drinks of choice and small snacks to enjoy while you craft (BYOB!).

There are many different projects to choose from – large and small signs, rounds, ovals, planter boxes, pencil boxes, and trays.

Simply sign up and let Crafted Wood Craft Studio in Frisco welcome you into their wonderful world of wood, paint, and Pinterest-worthy projects.