Benefits Of a Dashboard Camera

More motorists have been installing dashboard cameras in their cars lately. Having one can benefit you in case something happens on the road. Having that footage on hand can help if you need to file a claim with your insurance. Here’s why a dashboard camera could be useful, and some things to be aware of in case you’re looking to buy one.

State Laws and Rules

The first thing to know is that dash cameras are legal, but there are some things to know when installing them and of their use. The main thing is that the camera can’t impede your vision of the road. On the driver’s side the camera can only take up a five-inch square, while the passenger side takes up a seven-inch square.

The other thing to be aware of is that some states have laws that you can’t record someone without their knowledge. For example, if you have a dashboard camera that records video or sound inside the vehicle. Then you need the consent of any passengers that are in you car. If they are not fine with that, then you can’t record them.

Why Buy a Dash Cam?

Dashboard cameras can help you keep a record of your driving behaviors and anything that happens on the road. Police have dashboard cameras installed in their vehicles to help show off any actions they take. Regular citizens can now see that having one of their own can help protect them from being unfairly blamed for an accident.

These dashboard videos can also come with  GPS coordinates  and measure G forces within the car. This completes a record that if it’s admissible in court then you have a good chance of proving your side of any incident.

Depending on the kind of camera you want, the price of one can vary between $100 to $500. For ordinary drivers you can stick to a lower-end model that’s more affordable and will have everything you need.