Best Haunted Houses In Illinois To Visit This Halloween

The Legendary Dungeon of Doom

Opening Day: Sept. 27th

The Legendary Dungeon of Doom is, according to the official website, the only 60-minute, single walk-through haunted house in the Midwest. That’s right, when you enter the dungeon you’re in there for an entire hour. This haunt is home to a bevy of horrific characters, many of which can be viewed on the official website. That may all sound awesome on its own but there’s more. There is one section known as “Buried Alive” (which you can opt-out of if you have claustrophobia) and there are even special “Blackout” days in November. 

During a Blackout experience, you wander through the same Dungeon of Doom but this time, you’re in complete darkness. Your only source of light is a single glow stick.