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Good things are coming, Frisco. 

Like many industries, fitness studios have had a rough year so far. But, despite an unstable economy and a forced closure this spring, BEYOND Pilates Frisco has continued to find success. In fact, despite the many impediments of 2020, the Studio was recently voted Best Pilates Studio in Frisco and Plano by Living Magazine readers — certainly something to celebrate for a young, two and a half-year-old business!

BEYOND’s success can largely be attributed to owner Beth Crain‘s dedication to her clients and the Studio’s overall positive energy. And perhaps most of all, it’s the draw of their innovative 50-minute “hybrid” workout. These sessions are different from anything else in the Pilates spectrum. Beth describes it as, “a dynamic class that’s anything but boring!”

The small classes feature a mix of classic Pilates movements inspired by proven fitness techniques, all completed on customized reformers. The Pilates exercises move to tempo-specific beats of fun music and are taught by highly-qualified, energetic instructors. 

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Above and BEYOND.

The concept centers around one idea: Go BEYOND by taking traditional Pilates to a whole new level. Referred to as PHIT (Pilates Hybrid Interval Training), BEYOND blends bursts of cardio with strength and resistance exercises – slower motions that require you to focus on working the muscles and controlling the core.

At BEYOND you’ll never do the same old repetitive moves that cause overuse to certain muscles. The workouts are formatted into short segments of exercises that use props and Pilates accessories, designed to challenge every single little muscle in the body.

Yep, you’ll feel the burn, and don’t worry – the shaking is normal. (That just means it’s working!)

But rest assured, BEYOND workouts are designed to provide a safe and sustainable approach to get in shape without going to extremes. They’ll teach you how to put your mind to your muscle to take your movement and your body to the next level.

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Pilates and Protocols

In light of COVID-19, Beth understands that many people have concerns about working out in-Studio versus the safety of streaming classes from home. Especially, when social media is blowing up about the fitness industry and how risky it could be right now…

Rest assured, you can safely work out at BEYOND Pilates! Beth’s top priority when reopening was to ensure the safety of her staff and clients. To be certain that BEYOND could meet the pandemic protocol measures of the CDC, OSHA, and the State of Texas guidelines, she hired a top national consultant to develop reopening procedures. The reopening plan was focused on safety, sanitation, and screening. 

beyondstudio 08 07 20 05 10What does boutique studio Pilates look like during a pandemic? BEYOND offers eight Pilates reformers that are spaced six feet apart. Clients are required to wear a mask when entering the building – but not during the workouts (optional, of course).

Beth says, “I’m so thankful our members appreciate the care and concern behind the new studio protocols!”

BEYOND has also adapted to virtual wellness by offering live streaming sessions that can be done in the comfort of your home. Currently, they feature 60+ on-demand workouts including Mat Pilates, HIIT, Barre, Stretching, and reformer classes (for those who own reformer equipment). 

As the pandemic continues to surge, it has hurt many fitness studios. Clients canceling left and right or pausing their memberships until further notice… Not the case for BEYOND — they continue to grow! This month alone BEYOND has gained 30 new members. Pandemic or not, they’re selling memberships.

Camp is Calling.

Unfortunately, social distancing protocols have created spacing issues for BEYOND’s current studio. So, Beth got creative and decided she would open a semi-permanent additional space. What is it? Camp BEYOND.

“Kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun at summer camp!” If you loved camp as a kid but hated the bugs and heat (throw in allergies) you’ll love this genius new Pilates concept. The indoor, pop-up studio is just three doors down from BEYOND in unit 606 of Legacy Ranch Shopping Center (northwest corner of Legacy and Lebanon).

beyondstudio chairCamp BEYOND features 30-minute express sweat sessions. The classes are designed to torch major calories while focusing on specific muscle groups. The format offers two styles of classes — “Abs and A$$” and “Abs and Arms” — both of which utilize a Pilates chair and Kettlebells.

The Pilates chair, invented by Joseph Pilates in 1945, is small but mighty. and even the most basic reformer moves like pikes and lunges will challenge your endurance and strength on the chair.

You can’t cheat the chair — plan on going deep into your core and getting to know those muscles really well!

Don’t worry — if you fall in love with the pop-up concept, it will continue after Camp BEYOND. Beth plans to transition it to its original location this fall. 

Good Things Are Coming

2020 may have thrown us a few giant curveballs, but it’s no match for Beth’s creativity, passion, and business prowess. In addition to her innovative pop-up camp, she has expansion plans for a second location in the fall of 2020.

The second studio will be located at Fourth Army and Lebanon Rd in West Frisco. It will house 14-15 Pilates custom reformers, spaced six feet apart. And no surprise, Beth is taking it BEYOND — it will be the largest Pilates studio in both Frisco and Plano. 

Are you ready to “Go BEYOND”? To learn more about intro-packages and membership pricing, visit their website.

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