California Bans Gender-Based Car Insurance

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones banned the use of gender in setting insurance rates for private passenger cars throughout the state of California. Ten other states have already banned gender discrimination when pricing car insurance, Illinois is not one of them.

California’s  Proposition 103 bans unfair and discriminatory insurance pricing and requires that car insurance rates are based mainly on a driver’s driving record and not personal information they can not control, specifically gender. Other details like marital status may still be used to determine rates by insurance providers.

Higher rates for men

In 40 states gender-based car insurance is allowed. An average male driver will more than likely have higher car insurance quotes compared to a woman because men and women driving records are very different.

According to, statistics consistently show that women are less likely to:

  • Get into a car collisions
  • Speed and drive under the influence
  • Buy expensive cars that cost more to insure
  • Drive as as much miles compared to male drivers

This leads to fewer claims, lower risk profiles and lower insurance rates for women.


If you are a male driver you will more than likely be quoted higher for car insurance. One way to save on car insurance is to continuously compare car insurance prices online for the best coverage at the lowest price.

Some factors that determine car insurance rates drivers can control, some they can not. Male drivers can also save money on car insurance with driver, vehicle and policy-based discounts. Such discounts include safe driver, good student and bundling at least two services with the same insurance company.

Vehicles with safety equipment features like anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-left protection are also more likely to receive a lower insurance rates. Any qualifying car features that reduce the risk insurance company are taking by insuring the vehicle can be pulled up with the VIN or symbol and automatically applied to your policy.