Cheap Places To Visit This Summer

When it comes to traveling, the expenses can add up rather quickly. Summer is also a more expensive season to travel during. making it harder to have a nice summer getaway without breaking the bank.

If you stay in the U.S. and pick a destination where you can drive instead of fly, you can find some great locations to vacation at that are budget-friendly. Your renters insurance policy will also cover your belongings while you travel so you do not have to worry about any losses during your trip. 

Here are some cheap places to visit this summer for less:

South Haven, Michigan 

South Haven, Michigan is about a two-hour ride from downtown Chicago. It is perfect for fishing, swimming and boating. Rentals in small-town South Haven are also very affordable. South Haven is also a popular destination year-round so you can save this trip for cooler temperatures. 

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Only an hour and 40 minutes away from Chicago, Lake Geneva is one of the most popular local vacation spots for Chicagoans. Visitors can enjoy fairs, hiking and biking trails, fishing and much more. Lake Geneva is great for visitors of any age and accommodations are very affordable starting at $84 a night. 

Door County Wisconsin

Door County is a less known place which makes it a nice retreat. Door County is home to five state parks and offers great scenery and its famous cherry orchards. During the winter, visitors can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding.  

Nashville, Tennessee

If you want to visit Nashville, early spring is the best time to do so. The ideal time to visit Nashville to avoid the crowds is in late March or early April to beat the summer crowds. If crowds are not a deal breaker, Nashville also offers free and cheap attractions year-round.

Panama City, Florida

To make your trip to Panama City more affordable, rent a hotel away from the beach. Popular Panama City attractions include walking through the pines at Point Washington, visiting the dunes at St. Andrews and relaxing by the beach.

Traveling Tip: Take Midweek Trips 

Hotels have weekend and midweek rates, with midweek being the cheapest. While it may be harder to take days off during the week due to work and school schedules, taking a midweek trip may save you quite a bit of money.