Chicago’s Heatwave Affect On Roadways

Starting this afternoon, the Chicagoland area is under an excessive heat advisory according to WGN News. Reports stating temperatures will begin rising in the high 80’s to low 90’s tonight and increased temperatures this weekend. The heat alone should bring in temperatures near the high 90’s but with humidity, it will feel hotter. Apart from the uncomfortability this level of heat produces, the heatwave may cause pavement blowouts.

Feeling The Heat

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Illinois Department of Transportation, IDOT, is warning drivers of possible pavement blowouts due to excessive heat. Chicago’s heatwave may last days, and with the number of motorists on the road, the pavement will start to feel the pressure. The pavement is not a perfect material, see Chicago’s many potholes, and extreme heat over time causes it to break. 

High Heat, High Alert 

Drivers should take caution on the roadways during this weekend heatwave. There are sure to be many people heading to Chicago’s beaches, and buckled roads will cause delays. IDOT is asking that drivers try their best to avoid driving over any buckled or cracked pieces of road. Crews will be out fixing roadways as they pop-up, so give workers extra room to operate. 

Heat & Tire Pressure

Before hitting the roadways, check your tire pressure as well. Extreme heat can plague tire pressure causing it to rise. Unlike underinflation, your tire monitoring system will not warn you of overinflation.

The rising heat may cause tires to overinflate, and the rising heat may cause the pavement to buckle. Combining overinflated tires with cracked roads will be an insurance nightmare. Monitor tires and roadways carefully during the heatwave.

Finding Cover In the Heat

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Take Home Message    

IDOT is asking drivers to be careful with buckled roadways during the heatwave, and report them to 800-452-4368 or local authorities. Car tires tend to over inflate in heat, so drivers check your tires before taking your vehicle on the roadway this weekend. As always, those in need of affordable insurance or roadside assistance should head over to one of our locations or our website.