Chris’s Specialty Foods is Certified Louisiana, Certified Cajun

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As Frisco grows, new shops have stepped up to fill in the gaps and to me, there’s none more exciting than Chris’s Specialty Foods, a Cajun specialty grocery and meat market.

When I walked into Chris’s Specialty Foods, I exhaled a sigh of relief as I walked from one end to the other finding items that took me to a happy place. Imagine a Lousiana-style Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of goodness with the scent of fresh cracklins. Side note: I dare you to eat just one.

My eyes jumped from gumbo to boudin and stuffed shrimp, then to Cafe Du Monde coffee and beignet mix. 

It wasn’t long until I found myself chatting with William Durand aka “Big Shug” or “Big Will” as I hugged beignet mix to my chest craving to learn more. Big Shug laughed,

We get this a lot. We’ve had a lot of people from Louisiana stopping by excited to see a taste of home here in North Dallas. You can’t get solid downhome Louisiana cooking and ingredients around here.

In fact, their soft opening was anything but soft as word quickly spread despite a lack of advertising. They quickly ran low on boudin, gumbo, hand-cut steaks, and sides that range from shrimp and crab fettuccine to mac and cheese.

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Photo courtesy Chris’s Specialty Foods

It’s clear that Frisco is craving Cajun food.

Cajun cooking involves days of preparation of vegetables, spices, specialty meats, and flavoring techniques, but the unique and wonderful tastes of the dishes make it all worthwhile. Chris’s does all of this for you by making all of their food in-house to save you the time and trouble. 

Chris’s Specialty Foods focuses on a grab-and-go format with an extensive menu and goal of bringing families and friends together one meal at a time.

Pulling from their Cajun roots and recipes, and originally founded in 1994 in Baton Rouge, Chris’s Specialty Foods is considered one of the nation’s premier providers of sausages, turducken, deboned chicken, stuffed pork chops, and quality steaks.

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Photo courtesy Chris’s Specialty Foods

Big Shug explained that they cook, cut and make all of the sides in-house to ensure a consistent, high-quality product.

When people shop here they are supporting a small business, a family. We know the story behind all of our ingredients and vendors. If something isn’t right, we will make it right because our customers are important to us.

The first time you meet Chris’s crew and Big Shug, you know you’re family. They want you to ask questions and explore the products.

We don’t want anyone to feel too nervous to ask questions because we want you to have the same high standards. When you come back, we want to know how it turned out and help in any way we can. It’s all about connections and people around here.

cajun foodOwner Tressy Leindecker felt the specialty market expansion to Frisco was natural expansion and filled a gap in the area.

The market sells items that you don’t see around Texas while they’re common in Louisiana. Quail, duck, bison, lamb, veal, foie gras, alligator, frog legs, crawfish tails, Natchitoches meat pies. Thankfully, there are cooking instructions on everything. 

“We provide a solid foundation and want to help you reach your inner Cajun potential.”

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