Cinco de Mayo: How To Celebrate Safely

Before we get the grills going, or order from our favorite Mexican food spot, we need to keep some things in mind. Yes, Cinco de Mayo is today, but we can not celebrate it the same as last year. Typically, restaurants and bars have specials today on tacos, margaritas, and other themed items. Yet, under the stay at home order, many people might be feeling like they can’t have the same amount of fun as last year. With a little preparation, you can make your own amazing tacos, margaritas, or order your favorite Mexican dish. Additionally, you don’t have to be alone to celebrate since modern technology allows us to connect virtually anywhere.

Know Your History

For those who do not know or understand what Cinco de Mayo celebrates, the holiday translates to “the fifth of May” in English. Also known as the Battle of Puebla, the holiday celebrates a single Mexico victory against the French army in 1862. In other words, Cinco de Mayo does not celebrate Mexican independence, which is a popular American misconception. Although it is not heavily celebrated in Mexico, the United States treats it like an early fourth of July. 

Mexican Cuisine

Since this year’s Cinco de Mayo falls on a Tuesday, many people will be making tacos to honor taco Tuesday as well. One of the best parts about living in the Chicagoland area is the abundance of quality Mexican food. Despite restaurants closing their dine-in options, many of them still do carry out orders. For those looking to make their own, tacos are as easy to make as a sandwich.

It all starts with the right tortilla, which some prefer corn and some like flour. If you do not know enough about tortillas to have a preference, think about what you want to make. For instance, if you order a burrito, it comes in a flour tortilla, while a typical taco order comes in a corn tortilla. If you want to make your own tacos, click the link here, and for burritos and other dishes, look here.

Connecting To Celebrate

Due to the stay at home order, the public is asked not to gather in large groups, and individuals are being asked to stay home. This means celebrating Cinco de Mayo differently, and not canceling festivities. Luckily, we have plenty of ways to virtually connect with loved ones. You can use new tools like zoom, or familiar ones like Skype. Either way virtual conferencing apps helps us stay connected in a time that we need it most.