Construction Site Safety Tips

A construction site is a dangerous place, so to keep accidents to a minimal crews should take necessary precautions. This goes beyond wearing a hard hat and having proper clothing, although those components remain vital to safety. Other aspects of a safe construction site include proper signage displayed, being aware of surroundings at all times, and staying hydrated. Combining all of these construction site safety tips results in a safe construction site.

Attire & Equipment

As previously mentioned the proper clothing and a hardhat can go a long way in protecting you and your crew from injury. Falling debris can be fatal if it lands on your head, but hard hats can reduce much of the impact. Hard hats do not just protect workers from falling objects; there are specific hard hats that protect against high voltage. 

As for attire, safety clothing depends on the job. Gloves that protect against high voltage, sharp objects, or high temperatures help prevent injury. If your crew is working near a road, especially at night, having a reflective vest alerts people on the road to pay attention. Sturdy pants help protect your legs from cuts, scraps, penetration, and more. 

Safety First, Then Teamwork

On a construction site it is vital to your safety and the safety of everyone in the area that you stay aware of your surroundings. On most construction sites, everyone has a task, meaning there is a lot of moving parts. Trucks, excavators, and more heavy machinery will likely be moving in, out and about the construction site. For those operating the heavy machinery, staying aware of surroundings helps prevent death, injury, and insurance claims that result from accidents.

A major safety hazard construction crews overlook is hydration. Staying hydrated while working can be difficult especially in hot or humid conditions. But the effects of dehydration impair reaction times, make people sluggish, and if severe enough, can cause a person to pass out. Obviously, all of those symptoms make for a dangerous situation, whether your operating heavy machinery or not. 

Is This A Sign?

In order to increase safety, your crew should display the proper signs so others know what is going on. It is one thing to be on a construction crew and know what’s going on, but other people going about their day do not. Proper signs let pedestrians and drivers know if they need to slow down or avoid an area, which increases safety for everyone. 

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