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I’m a second time Frisco resident. I first moved here with my family in 2010 following a relocation opportunity offered by my husband’s employer. Having settled temporarily in Plano for ten months we ultimately chose Frisco to buy a new home.

We settled into a great life in Frisco, Texas. We developed great friendships, saw our daughter through a local preschool and later, a proud first day at our neighborhood Frisco ISD Elementary school. We welcomed another daughter, continued to make great connections…and so life in Frisco continued for seven years.

Then, opportunity knocked again and we made the difficult decision to leave Frisco behind. In the end, the calling we thought was “meant to be” didn’t suit us, and it was clear that we missed our life in Frisco. We did a complete 180 and ventured back to our beloved Texas home.

Progress in Motion.

That was almost two years ago and as we know, things move fast here! Upon my return to Frisco, I sought out ways to better understand how Frisco’s wheels churn as it continues to expand both in population and opportunity. It was then that I came across City Hall 101.

The Rail District Frisco 2A free program, City Hall 101 is designed to give citizens 18 years and older a behind-the-scenes look at how City Hall and other Municipal facilities operate.

It’s a 13-week course that takes place every Monday night for two hours at various venues around Frisco.

Attendees hear from city leaders, department directors, and key staff about what it takes to run the day to day operations for Frisco, plan for its growth, and keep us not only entertained but safe.

Who can attend Frisco’s City Hall 101 course?

Registrants for City Hall 101 range from 18 to 80+ years of age. Some are city employees who want to learn more about other departments they’re involved with. For others, it’s simply a personal interest to better understand our city.

A retired couple who has just moved to the city to be with their grandchildren… A transplant eager to learn about their new town and its workings… A budding entrepreneur or artist exploring their future in business…

Whatever the reason, it’s an easy commitment of just two hours per week to better understand our city.

The Downtown Mural Project Rail District Frisco

What does City Hall 101 entail?

City Overview/Tour of City Hall: Full presentation by City Managers Office and City Secretary with Q & A. Learn about the role of local government and city council, it’s mission, goals and strategic focus for the future.

Police Department: Classroom presentation, followed by Q&A and an in-depth tour of the Frisco Police Headquarters, gaining knowledge of its operations, equipment and even a close look at a typical Police vehicle.

Fire Department: Classroom presentation followed by Q&A and a full tour of the Central Fire Station including Fire Safety Town. Also included is an in-depth look at the city’s state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center; the central point where key city representatives, command staff and decision-makers gather to implement the Emergency Management Plan (EMP) when required.

Town Hall Meeting: Participate in one of the LIVE Town Hall sessions hosted by the Mayor and some city leaders, where they conduct a Q&A session with members of the public attending in person and via social media.

Engineering/Capital Projects: Provides an overview of Capital Improvement Projects, Construction Services, and traffic management and transportation services.

Development Services: Gain an understanding of Planning and Zoning laws, property inspections and Health Service and Code Enforcement.

Play Frisco (Parks & Recreation): Enjoy an interactive presentation of all the different areas this department operates including Arts & Culture, Theaters, outdoor facilities and the Frisco Athletic Center to name just a few. Afterward, enjoy a full tour of the Heritage Museum of Frisco and learn all about the city’s history.

Photo courtesy of Mike Raye

Administrative Services/Financial Services/Human Resources: An overview of purchasing, fleet management, inventory and risk management. Hear about how our finance people track spending and budgets and gain insight into what it is like to work for the city, their core values, the benefits, rewards, training and development programs.

Economic Development Corporation/Community Development Corporation/Visit Frisco: Leaders from each of the organizations talk to the class about the promotion of this city as a destination for business and leisure. Encouraging new or expanded corporations, community projects and visitors to spend time or permanently settle in Frisco.

Rail District - Frisco Water TowerPublic Works & Environmental Services: Gain an understanding of Environmental Services, the Water/Sewage infrastructure, roads, traffic signs, and all the great programs where you as a citizen can get involved with this department.

Information Technology and GIS (Geographic Information Services): An impressive look at how the city is supported by a complex but dynamic technology system and an interactive presentation on the various GIS maps and the associated statistics available online for all residents.

Frisco Public Library: Presentation and in-depth tour of the beloved library and all it has to offer including a close look at the technology pieces available to residents in its ‘Makers Space’.

Communications: Gain an understanding of the various channels the city uses to ensure citizens are always well informed with current and accurate information.  Newsletters, the website, a cable channel, special event management, media relations’ and how bulletin boards are all maintained.

Graduation: On the last night the City Mayor drops by to conduct a final Q & A and present Graduation Certificates to all who took the time to participate.

Here’s why Frisco’s City Hall 101 may be of value to you.

I found City Hall 101 to be a fantastic experience. I gained substantial insight into how the City of Frisco operates for its nearly 200,000 residents and my appreciation for the complexities of it all grew tremendously.

At each session, the representatives were knowledgeable and no question was left unanswered.

This program may be particularly beneficial to new residents of Frisco. Transplants are arriving every day, and grandparents are relocating to support their grown children.

Young adults, young families, and entrepreneurs are settling in with dreams of becoming homeowners, small business owners, and Sports City USA enthusiasts.

City Hall 101 1

Yvonne Brown and Mayor Jeff Cheney

City Hall 101 is offered multiple times throughout the year. The next session begins in Spring 2020, for which registration opens on January 6, 2020. Classes begin on Monday, January 27, 2020. Stay tuned here for details and to sign up!

The 13-week program concludes with a graduation and certificate of completion. And for me, a great sense of community pride!

Thank you, the City of Frisco for providing this free program to your residents!