Do You Want to Unplug, Connect and Make Memories With Your Group?

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This article is sponsored by Countdown 2 Escape.

When I first met the owners of Countdown 2 Escape, Fred and Shannon Hammond, their warm personalities immediately captured my attention. Friendly, engaging, cheerful, sincere, and ever so likable.

Long-time Frisco residents, they’ve always sought out ways to connect with their community. Last year when the opportunity arose to take over operations of a popular business in the Rail District, they jumped on it. From the location to the concept, it was a perfect fit.

Countdown 2 EscapeFor those not familiar with the escape rooms, Countdown 2 Escape (C2E) is an immersive adventure game where groups assemble in a specially designed, themed room and have one hour to complete a mission and “escape”.

The escape rooms at C2E have been thoughtfully designed to provide varying degrees of difficulty and/or suspense, offering mind-blowing puzzles and mysteries for you to solve. The escape room is an unplugged experience where communication, engagement, and problem-solving occur, all in a fun, social environment.

Making Connections (Without a Phone)

For Hammonds, it’s not just about owning a fun business in Frisco. They also see it as a means to serve others. Shannon explains,

We love Frisco and wanted to see how we could combine business with something that’s really important to us. It’s our passion to connect with the community and our goal is to help people bond and make connections face to face.

Since most people are glued to their digital devices for hours each day, Countdown 2 Escape delights in facilitating an experience that encourages people to leave technology behind for a little while and engage with one another. The escape room experience encourages their guests to interact and be fully present.

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Making Memories (With Friends)

Frisco offers many opportunities to engage with people who have similar interests, be it business ventures, volunteering, sports, or other hobbies. You may develop strong acquaintances or even new friendships through these activities, but did you ever consider taking it one step further and truly getting to know them?

Science tells us that taking time out of the ordinary to connect in a different environment can:

  • Greatly impact communication
  • Improve collaboration and motivation
  • Encourage creativity
  • Provide positive reinforcement

As a result, new connections can be formed, and existing ones strengthened.

C2E FRisco TexasWhether you’re involved in a fitness group, church, cycling club or the PTA, have you ever looked across the table and thought it might be nice to move beyond a quick hello and cliché discussion about the weather?

Maybe you’re a coach of young athletes? Or a committee chair with new team members?

Whatever type of group you may be a part of, why not ESCAPE the ordinary? An adventure at Countdown 2 Escape might be just what your group needs to bond outside of the normal routine.

Ready to Unplug, Connect, and Make Memories?

Countdown 2 Escape currently offers three adventures to choose from, each with its own unique challenge and varying degrees of difficulty:

The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar: Your colleague, Magnus, has made a wondrous jewel discovery but it’s in danger of falling into the hands of a ruthless and dishonest warlord. He’s hidden the jewel in his camp and left clues that only YOU will be able to interpret.

Countdown 2 Escape Frisco 2Ravens Wood: An excellent choice for the Halloween season, this room is completely dark until you find torches to solve the puzzle through a series of clues. What happened on that dark, stormy night in the woods?

Blackbeard’s Brig: You’re being held hostage by the evil pirate Blackbeard. He’s gone ashore to pillage and plunder leaving you to ponder a terrifying end. How will you escape a near-fatal ending?

The Hammonds and their staff are ready and willing to assist in planning your escape room adventure and will assist in choosing the room that is most suitable for your group. Even the most introverted individuals will find their curiosity and everyone’s skills will be required to contribute to the mystery.

Countdown 2 Escape also has beautiful and trendy breakout spaces where your family, team, or group can BYOB and enjoy food before or after the game. It’s a great way to relax together in a comfortable, casual setting.

countdown 2 Escape Frisco TX

Shannon and Fred value the rewards that true connection provides and encourage their guests to hang out and enjoy the space as long as they like.

We would love to have guests drop by and use the warm comfortable surroundings for gatherings. We want people to feel at home and to utilize our space to suit their needs.

‘Tis the Season for a POP-UP Adventure!

Right now, Countdown 2 Escape is offering a NEW opportunity to share an adventure as they partner with Frisco Fresh Market to launch pop-up Holiday Escape Rooms with two new seasonal themes.

From November 1, 2019 – January 15, 2020, they’ll host three holiday-themed, family-friendly escape rooms. A large covered patio will be available for parties and corporate groups with beer and wine for purchase.

Countdown 2 Escape 2Dena Thompson Designs, who created the hangout space at C2E will create another welcoming environment in the lobby for guests to relax and enjoy as they escape the crazy world of the busy holiday season!

Guests can choose from two identical “Who Stole Christmas?” rooms for groups to compete against the clock – and each other if they like – and one large “Escaping Winter” room. Here’s a taste of the new seasonal themes:

Escaping Winter: The Ice Queen has taken over the land, spreading a deep front over everything and leaving us with an ice-cold winter frost. She’s stolen the Spring Goddess’ wand with her divine power. It’s up to you to get her wand back and restore warmth to the land. Can you save the world, or will you be stuck in an icy land forever?

Who Stole Christmas? ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, bickering erupted, who knew what about? One by one, the family went out for air, and when they came back, the presents were bare. Escapers have 60 minutes to figure out who stole Christmas and save the holidays for everyone!

If you’re looking for a fun way to take your family, group or team’s relationships to the next level, why not try out an adrenaline-inducing activity at Countdown 2 Escape for your next meet-up? Unplug, connect and make some memories!

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