Dr. Bradley Barth – Quality Care for our Kids with Digestive Disorders

physicians of frisco 0003 bradley barth

Episode #3

Let’s meet Dr. Bradley Barth, Chief of the Pediatric Gastroenterology division. Dr. Barth has been named to the “Best Doctors in America” list (2018) and the D Magazine “Best Pediatric Specialists/Doctors in Dallas” (2010-2018).

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Show Notes:

00:33 – What is Dr. Barth’s background and how did the gastroenterology department come to be in Frisco
01:30 – What sets the UT Southwestern practices apart from other hospitals in the area
02:03 – What is it like for Dr. Barth to diagnose and solve digestive issues
02:40 – How does Dr. Barth connect with both kids AND parents
02:58 – What tools, tests, and technologies are being used in the UT Southwestern facility to help diagnose stomach issues
03:52- How does Dr. Barth get his kids to eat better and how is his practice addressing food allergies
05:28 – What other practice specialities are located at UT Southwestern Frisco


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