Dr. Juan Cabrera – Moving Better, Living Better, and Loving Better in Frisco

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Episode #1

In our first episode of Frisco Physicians UNMASKED, let’s hear from Dr. Juan Cabrera… Sharing the science behind moving better, living better, and loving better in the new UT Southwestern Medical Center Frisco campus at Eldorado Parkway and the Tollway. 

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Show Notes:

01:17 – How did Dr. Juan Cabrera come to the Frisco area and join UT Southwestern in Frisco
01:47 – What is Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and why you should know the practice
02:36 – How is PM&R different from “Sports Medicine?”
03:11 – Why did Dr. Cabrera choose this specialty for his medical practice
03:46 – What does Dr. Cabrera and his wife do outside of working hours
04:46 – What are the unique characteristics UT Southwestern is bringing to the Frisco community
05:50 – How will PM&R and UT Southwestern keep the Frisco community “young” as we age
06:27 – What is the main thing Dr. Cabrera wants Frisco to know about all the doctors and staff at UT Southwestern in Frisco


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