Dr. Kathryn Hoes – In the Business of Second Chances in Frisco

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Episode #2

For our second episode, Dr. Kathryn Hoes tells us how she is treating the whole person by GPS’ing your entire anatomy in her practice of “being in the business of second chances” and getting you back to the life you want to lead at UT Southwestern in Frisco

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Show Notes:

00:26 – How did Dr. Kathryn Hoes get to Texas and UT Southwestern
01:05 – Why did Dr. Hoes chose neurosurgery as a specialty
02:22 – What is it like being the only woman on the neurosurgery team in Frisco
04:22 – Who all is Dr. Hoes leading on the team here
05:24 – What does Dr. Hoes think about the new UT Southwestern facility in Frisco
05:55 – What is the spine center and “navigated spine technology”
07:47 – With our “Sports City USA” brand Frisco has, how is the neurology team utilizing preventative care and cures
09:03 – Why do people put off back and neck surgeries
09:47 – How will UT Southwestern make an impact on Frisco


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