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Westin Chairman suite 1

Featured Image: Westin Stonebriar Hotel and Golf Club – Chairman Suite

Growing up, my Mother would play Bunco once a month, occasionally treat herself to lunch with girlfriends, but never really adopted a ‘Girls Night Out’ ritual. For us, this was normal.

Cut to 30 plus years later, now I’m the Mom, and “Girls Night” is not just a ritual — it’s a blankety-blank RELIGION. #SorryNotSorry.

I’d like to tell you it’s a monthly affair. But I’d be lying, and karma might give me COVID-19, so Imma just lay it all out there: sometimes it’s once a week.

…Ok. In summer it can be twice a week.  It’s not like we’re taking the jet to Vegas, it’s usually just drinks at The Star, or happy hour at The Shops. More often, it’s just cocktails in a gal’s living room or backyard.

There are times when we take it to a Frisco level.

Yup, we get a room, y’all, and make it an overnight. This is for a few reasons, not just cause we are a little bougee.

First: they typically shuttle us wherever we want to go. No need for any of us to be a designated driver. Second, and most importantly: NO KIDS AROUND EVEN WHEN IT’S BEDTIME.

Sheraton Stonebriar 1

Sheraton Stonebriar

My girlfriends who live out of state think getting a hotel room is absolutely over-the-top and ridiculous. But then I explain:

We split the cost of the room however many ways, so it’s not really that expensive. Plus, we’ve all got on heels and outfits we needed Spanx for, so we usually keep it tight and until you’ve walked a mile in our stilettos, you can’t understand why we aren’t lighting it up. You think walking a straight line in flat shoes after a few cocktails is hard? Girl, please.

I digress…

Lucky for us, and the rest of Frisco, two of our favorite haunts, the Sheraton Stonebriar and the Westin Stonebriar are back open for business. #Cheers

Westin Stonebriar Resort

Westin Stonebriar Hotel and Golf Club

Two Great Hotels, One Unbeatable Option in Frisco

If you’ve never been, I’m gonna let Rose Panjwani, Area Director of Marketing, fill you in (and yes, she sounds exactly like those amazing voiceovers on gameshows – “tell them what they’ve won, Rose!”)

The Sheraton Stonebriar is ‘Frisco’s Best Kept Secret’ as we like to say. Operated by Prism Hotels and Resorts and located in the Stonebriar Commons, the Sheraton Stonebriar sits in the center of a European Village Style setting filled with restaurants and attractions. This 4-star hotel lays directly off the Sam Rayburn Tollway with easy access to all there is to do in Frisco, The Colony and Plano.

Did you hear that? A European Village-Style setting! Although the Sheraton Stonebriar is located right off the highway, it’s tucked away enough to feel like you’re somewhere completely different. And it has a resort-style pool, y’all.

Sheraton Pool

Sheraton Stonebriar

Yeah, I don’t have one of those at home. This is exactly the staycation I’m looking for… Check out these other features:

  • 5444 Restaurant: Enjoy innovative American fare at the hotel’s stylish eatery and bar.
  • Outdoor resort-style pool +jacuzzi: I’ll be there if you need me.
  • Indoor and outdoor meeting space: Choose from several meeting space options and enjoy the help of an on-site planner.
  • Fitness: If you MUST, they have everything you need.
  • Pet-friendly: If you’re feeling a little Elle Woods, bring your little pup.

And that’s just hotel #1. How about another amazing destination in the same location? I’ll let Rose continue and tell you about the Westin… You.must.go.there.

The Westin Stonebriar Hotel and Golf Club was the first-ever hotel in Frisco and is absolutely gorgeous! Now managed by Prism Hotels and Resorts, The Westin Stonebriar is undergoing a $30M renovation that is set to be completed in October 2020.

It’s the ideal retreat for perceptive business and leisure travelers alike. It’s the only resort of its kind in Dallas that encompasses luxury accommodations masterfully blended with extensive meeting and event spaces, locally-inspired dining experiences and sophisticated amenities all in one serene and spacious setting.

Westin Outdoor Exterior

The Westin Stonebriar is an amazing destination for a girls getaway, but if it’s about a romantic couple’s night or a family reunion or to entertain business clients, seriously check out what other amazing amenities they offer…I mean:

  • Golf: Guests have access to the Tom Fazio 18-hole course as the Stonebriar Country Club
  • Pro Shop: Golf pro-shop located in the lobby where individuals can purchase merchandise and book their golf
  • Pool: Revamped pool with the addition of a water slide, splash pad, and cabanas, mini-golf
  • Yoga Lawn: Outdoor yoga lawn for guests to enjoy. (Also looking to hold fitness classes here on the weekends to attract the local community #Namaste)
  • State-of-the-art Gym: Large gym with pelotons, rowers, TRX ropes, and lots more
  • Westin Family: Yippie-ki-yay Kids Club (…I didn’t quote ‘Die Hard’ here…hee hee, yes I did) here with a LEGO wall and mini treehouse.
  • Westin Run: A Running trail for guests (won’t be available when they launch but hoping to offer in the near future)
  • Ranch Water: Soak in the Frisco sunshine and satisfy your cravings without leaving the pool at this forthcoming outdoor pool bar!
  • Grab & Go: Snacks and take away with your favorite items as well as locally curated items.
Grab Go Westin

Grab & Go, Westin Stonebriar Hotel and Golf Club

  • Beans and Barrel: A day to night cafe with pastries and breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and a bar with tasty bites, for afternoon and evenings.
  • Herd and Hearth: Opening Soon! A full-service restaurant with views of the garden and pool, outdoor seating/terrace with fireplaces available along with a private dining room. Think Texas-reimagined with a healthy take on Texas cuisines or served in a Texas-style way. We’re guessing this means bigger? #FingersCrossed (Also we just said “Texas” three times, Jinx!)
  • Room Service: Dining in your PJ’s never sounded more posh.

It’s kind of a no-brainer.

Dining, meeting, and event space. Girl’s night, staycation, or a room for your in-laws when they come to visit. *wink.

They’ve also come up with a few really amazing ways to accommodate this current crisis we’re in… Can we roll/print that footage of the new Micro Wedding Packages and the Virtual Learning Set Ups?

Yup — you read that right. They’ve got an answer for Virtual Learning! Quite frankly, there really isn’t a price you can put on getting my kids out of my kitchen during virtual learning days.

Westin Chairman suite

Westin Stonebriar Hotel and Golf Resort, Chairman Suite

Check out their website for updates and deals on rooms, packages, and dining. We may not be able to travel everywhere we want to yet, but hey — there’s an oasis right here in our own backyard, and the Sheraton Stonebriar has a Texas residents “Friends and Family” rate of $79! Use the code LPR on their booking website. #TreatYoSelf

Westin Stonebriar Hotel and Golf Club
1549 Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX, 75034

Sheraton Stonebriar
5444 State Highway 121, Frisco, TX

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