Fam Friendly #Dentoning Activities 

Published on: Thu, Aug 08, 2019

I have the reputation as that one guy who gives unwanted (yet ingenious) dating advice. But as someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to impress my soon-to-be wife’s parents, I also know a thing or two about planning fun for the whole family. Whether I’m showing my extended family around the city I love, or recommending something fun to visitors inquiring about Denton, I like to keep a running list of all of the events and activities that can entice and engage the whole crew. So without further adieu, let’s talk about where to hang and have fun when you’re with your friends or family.

The Breakroom 

If your family makes you want to break stuff, you’re in luck! The Breakroom gives you the chance to do exactly that. You have free reign to break, bust, shatter and smash wood and glass all within the safe confines of a warehouse on Wainwright Street. Nothing says bonding like seeing who can destroy the most stuff.

The Breakroom | 719 Wainwright St | thebreakroomdenton.com

Free Play Arcade

Photo by @ashleymayerblogger on Instagram

Arcade games? Check. Beer for the people of age? Double check. Rendezvous at this retro joint for all the pinball and Pilsner your heart could desire, but save room for food: Your fam will probably be hungry at some point, and when they are, you’ll have them covered with a trip to a fam friendly eatery like Greenhouse, the 24-hour diner Dix Coney Island or, if you’re in the mood for laser tag (and when are you not?) Andy B’s (see the next item!)

Free Play Arcade | 505 W Hickory St | freeplaydenton.com

Andy B’s Bowl Social 

It’s all about the options, folks. Lots of food, bowling, arcade games, table games and, best of all, freakin’ laser tag are all available at Andy B’s. You and the crew can split up and tackle different games, or stick together and see who is the worst at bowling, because, as we all know, it is scientifically impossible to be good at bowling. Meanwhile, I’ll be holding court in the laser tag arena, taking on any and all challengers with equal intensity. Can you tell I’m way too invested in laser tag?

Andy B’s Bowl Social | 2600 Panhandle St | bowlandybs.com

The Battlefield 

If anything comes close to my ridiculously immature love of laser tag, it’s my somehow even more immature love of nerf battles. This long lost art of American life has been recaptured at The Battlefield: a nerf activity warehouse that is always my answer to the question, “What is your favorite thing to do in Denton?” Unless an adult (or anyone over the age of 12) is asking, in which case I say something sophisticated like “laser tag at Andy B’s.”

The Battlefield | 1512 I-35W | nerfwarstx.com

Altitude Trampoline Park

Photo by @casenoel_ on Instagram

As the wise prophet David Lee Roth once said: “You might as well jump.” If your fam doesn’t want to smash stuff (lame) eat food and bowl (slightly more understandable, but still: lame) or engage in an all-out nerf war (unforgivable) then jaunt over to Altitude Trampoline Park, where the staff doesn’t discriminate: You can be any age, and you’re still welcome to jump the afternoon away on one of their bountiful bouncy trampolines. Not that I know this from personal experience, of course. I’m much more likely to engage in adult activities. See: laser tag.

Altitude Trampoline Park | 2434 S I-35E Suite #140 | altitudedenton.com

J&J’s Pizza on the Square

Good pizza. Good music. Great times. That’s what you’ll find at this classic joint where the secret sauce is delicious and the music down in the fondly-named Ol’ Dirty Basement is appropriate for the whole gang. Also, J&J’s should hire me to write their new slogan. 

J&J’s Pizza on the Square | 118 W Oak St | jandjpizzadenton.com | Music schedule: J&J’s Facebook

Killer’s Tacos

In the shortest career transition of all time, I once did stand-up at this fam-friendly venue. Luckily for you (and everyone) I have sworn off comedy. But I’ll still frequent Killer’s Tacos, mostly for the tacos, and also for the live music you can find filling this fun and trendy hub. They also offer craft beer, which pairs well with any of their delectable tacos. Learn more about their brews, tacos and tunes at the venue’s website.

Killer’s Tacos | 424 Bryan St | killerstacos.com | Music Schedule: Killer’s Tacos Facebook

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