Father’s Day Activities To Do Safely

Unless a miracle vaccine is found and distributed around the country within the next 24 hours, it looks like Father’s Day will get the COVID-19 treatment. However, unlike previous holiday/special days, people have a little bit more freedom to move and gather. As you know, Illinois has been in Phase 3 for all of June, which means people can dine out, literally, and gather with no more than 10 people. So, at the very least, you can gather your family to celebrate, or take him out to eat. In either scenario, everyone should keep in mind that despite Illinois’ progress, we are still in a pandemic. So while you celebrate dad, make sure that you take all necessary precautions to limit COVID-19’s spread. This post will go over safe ways to celebrate Father’s day. 

Phase 3 Refresher

While Illinois stays in Phase 3, Illinoians can visit retail stores, gyms, state parks and more, with some limitations of course. For example, although you can go to a gym, only some are open. The same is true for other businesses and retail stores, which most if not all have implemented face covering requirements. While the ideal father’s day is unlikely to involve shopping or exercising, these are examples of what you can do. Most people this year will likely just celebrate at home, or visit a restaurant to dine outdoors.

Dining Out

Before you make any plans to visit a restaurant, there are some things you should know. Whether you plan on dining out in the city or suburbs, plan on being outside. Very few restaurants have the clearance for indoor dining, which requires that they leave large windows open. Additionally, face coverings will be required to enter restaurants, however you may remove them while eating/drinking. Lastly, and this might make celebrating difficult, but you must keep your party size to 5 or less. So, those with a larger than average family should consider other options before deciding who makes the cut. 

Gather The Family

If you plan on having family over for a father’s day celebration, you should keep it to 10 or less. It may be difficult to not invite certain family members, however you wouldn’t want anyone to get sick. The best way to keep guests safe during this time is to keep the celebration outdoors, or at least in a well ventilated room. One important fact about the virus is that it spreads mostly through the air. If you stay outside, or in a ventilated area, the virus has less of a chance of infecting others. 

A Walk In The Park

So maybe dining out or sitting around at home is not your family’s thing. Well the next best option for you would be visiting a state park. A nice Father’s Day hike promotes health and gives everyone a breath of fresh air when it’s needed most. Although not every park is open, a list of the ones that are open can be found here. Additionally, you can see a list of safety measures the parks are asking people to take to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Connect Virtually

Lastly, for those whose father’s may be at higher risk for catching the virus, you can always connect virtually. Technology has come in the clutch during stay at home orders and continues to give us ways to see each other. You may already have apps or programs that allow you to connect for free. Regardless of how you celebrate this Father’s Day, we hope you have a splendid day.