Frisco, Do You Know How Money Works?


Living an excellent life is a universal goal, and financial security and freedom are among the most important areas of education in order to achieve that goal.

Yet, this basic and critical life subject is not often offered in schools or universities. It seems people are left to face the rocky waters of finance on their own, hoping to responsibly handle their own situations.

A New Game Plan for Your Financial Future

WealthWave helps individuals, families, and businesses navigate through all the financial information available today and educates them on what makes sense for their specific money goals.

wealthwave bryanlinder.JPGBryan Linder, WealthWave’s Senior Marketing Director, has been in the industry since 1998 and licensed since 2002 with Life & Health Insurance licenses as well as Series 6, 63, 26 and 65 Securities Registrations.

Bryan’s father started in the financial industry in downtown Austin back in 1979. It seems to be in the family’s DNA to serve others and make a difference to others in whatever capacity possible.

Launching the Texas WealthWave division this past year has allowed Bryan to focus his efforts closer to home.

This December will mark Bryan’s 21st year in the industry, and he has over 2,000 licensed agents across the US and Puerto Rico. Texas WealthWave has agents in McKinney, Plano, Austin, Killeen, San Antonio, Houston, and the Frisco location just launched at Formation at The Star last month.

Building a Future that Matches Your Dreams

Spending much of his career helping launch agencies in other areas, Bryan decided it was time to focus on the demands facing an ever-growing North Dallas community. He says,

With so many amazing local families and the influx of move-ins from other states and countries, there’s going to be a greater demand on the industry and a drastic need for more licensed and trained agents.

WealthWave is a sister company to Transamerica/AEGON. There are many areas that separate this company from competitors:

Answers. At the heart of what WealthWave does, it’s a crusade to empower and educate the consumer on their choices.

texas wealthwave changeFinancial literacy in America is among the worst in the world and since it isn’t taught in schools, colleges or universities, someone needs to carry the banner for wide-spread, grassroots financial education.

On top of that, over 300 different insurance and investment companies can be represented. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finances, clients are offered options.

No one company can be great at every product or service, and WealthWave partners with the best in the industry.

Insightful Resources. Another big difference is messaging. The financial industry is decades behind in messaging and marketing. WealthWave utilizes technology and videos to educate its clients.

People today communicate on their cell phones and handhelds, so WealthWave wants to speak to them where they’re listening. People want fast, significant information specific to their needs, so WealthWave provides a unique, personal experience to help people reach their financial goals faster.

A Rewarding Business Opportunity. WealthWave brings the aspect of agency-building to the industry.

The average age of an agent in the US is 59 years old. Each year the number of agents declines and not enough new agents are entering the industry. WealthWave brings the Real Estate broker/agent model to the financial industry since that industry has had record growth over the past decade.

wealthwave group.JPGWealthWave takes pride in its people, as the agency has people from over 20 countries, with 15 different languages as well as economic and social backgrounds.

They rank at the top for the number of licensed women and minorities in the entire country. Diversity makes the company great.

Do you know How Money Works®?

To say Bryan is excited for the launch of the Frisco, Texas location at The Star is an understatement. He’s been a Dallas Cowboys fan his entire life, and to be able to grow alongside a brand like that, he says, is a dream come true. There will be another office opening in Ft. Worth during the first quarter of 2020.

Bryan’s business partners, Tom Mathews and Steve Siebold, have just released a financial literacy book titled: How Money Works: Stop Being a Sucker. With over 100,000 copies pre-ordered it will be a best-seller as soon as it hits the streets at the end of this month.

WealthWave’s crusade to educate families will be at the forefront of its mission in 2020. The book is written to cover financial concepts the company feels everyone should know but may have never been taught. It’s simple to understand but packs a lot of knowledge. Families can read it together, businesses can hand it out to interested employees.

Linder_Legacy_Group_speaking2Bryan is available to come in personally or virtually to deliver educational seminars on a variety of financial topics, and he speaks to groups of three all the way up to 30,000!

Bryan’s passion and mission is to help EVERYONE understand How Money Works.

Where Passion Meets Community

WealthWave holds and participates in community events throughout the year. The company just sponsored the bier steins for Frisco Oktoberfest, kicked off its inaugural charity golf tournament and hosted a sand volleyball tournament.

The company also holds women’s events, networking mixers and many, many more happenings all over North Dallas. Keep checking their Facebook page for upcoming events, charitable fundraisers, and office openings.

To find out how Bryan Linder’s team at Texas WealthWave can help you:

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