Hands On, Minds On: 3 Reasons to Try These STEAM Camps


This article is sponsored by Growing IQ.

Spring break and the first days of summer: Those looming windows that fill children with anticipation and joy can be a thing of dread for parents

For many families, the change in routine is frustrating and difficult to coordinate at best. The idyllic vision of breaks is often just another layer of pressure on parents to become experts at tween entertainment in between the million roles they’re already juggling. 

School breaks don’t have to present a hurdle for parents or a string of boring days for kids.

School breaks can provide fantastic opportunities for kids to get an added academic edge, to spend extra time on a subject that interests them, and to re-learn to love learning in a new environment.

Fortunately for Frisco residents, academic camps abound during breaks and there’s no one who does camps better than Growing IQ. They maximize FISD break schedules to help expose as many students as possible to fantastic opportunities for learning.

The staff at Growing IQ is passionate about instilling a deep knowledge of STEAM concepts in students grades pre-K to 5th grade.


Here are a few reasons a camp during spring break (or the summer) can be a wonderful option for families:

Provide learning in a new environment with different peers:

Sometimes barriers to learning can come through personality clashes between a child and his teacher, a learning style, or a classroom peer dynamic.

Giving a child the opportunity to learn in a new environment with different peers and new instructors can often open up all sorts of doors to understanding and the enjoyment of a subject.

Children are paired by their understanding level, not by their grade:

If your student is above-grade-level, boredom that can impede learning can set in. If your student needs extra support, certain subjects can just feel overwhelming and a student might resist learning, especially if there’s a history of struggle with certain subjects or a certain instructor.

Growing IQ pairs students in groups based on their understanding levels so that students are working, thinking, and learning with other students at their same learning level, regardless of age or grade.

Growing IQ 2This can open doors to enjoyment of learning and a new understanding of concepts alongside peers that may be difficult to achieve in your child’s regular classroom.

Some students learn better while moving or interacting:

The research is in. Kids absorb knowledge better while moving or handling objects and some students are dramatically more reliant on movement than others. Growing IQ’s programming is designed entirely around a hands-on, interactive model of learning.

Students use manipulatives to explore and learn – the learning looks and feels entirely different than most learning that happens in classrooms during the school year. Suddenly, concepts that students have struggled with for months or year might click and make sense or even become enjoyable.


Ready to open some doors to help your child love learning in a new way?

The Spring STEAM camp, offered for grades K-2nd, and the Math STAAR camp, offered for grades 3rd-5th, are both open for registration now. Both camps run during Frisco ISD’s Spring Break, in the morning from 9:30-12:30 each day March 9-13.

The camps give students the opportunity to be exposed to tons of enriched hands-on learning while still leaving the afternoons free for other adventures.

Summer camps are just around the corner and Growing IQ has your kids covered. Six weeks of one-week long camps designed around 4 STEAM-based themes with half and full-day options provide your kids with plenty of opportunities to prevent “the summer slide” without sacrificing their entire break. 

growing-iq-logoHead over to Growing IQ’s website to register now and give yourself some peace of mind — and your kids some exciting opportunities to anticipate for spring break!

Questions? Call (469) 305-2126 or email frisco@txgrowingiq.com.