Harley-Davidson Releases Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson announced it is taking pre-orders for the LiveWire, the company’s first all-electric motorcycle that it first introduced back in 2014. LiveWire will be available in August 2019 in North America and Western Europe.

The new electric bike has a base price of $29,799 bike this fall. Limewire will to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. The bike will not require clutch and or gear shifting. Harley Davidson’s new electric bike will only be available in orange, yellow and black.

Livewiere has an estimated 110 mile range on a full charge. Riders will have two ways to charge their bike. Riders can use the onboard Level 1 charger and power cord that connects to any household outlet and get a full charge by leaving it plugged it overnight. Riders can also use any Level 3 DC Fast Charge station for a quicker charge.

This is a much needed change for the motorcycle industry which hopes to reinvent itself in order to attract new riders. Current marketing and advertising has failed the industry because it is too focused on veteran drivers and not on reaching out to potential new consumers.

The motorcycle industry is changing. The number of motorcycle registrations is on the rise and the Motorcycle Industry Council reports 8.4 million bikers in the U.S. alone. However, the industry marketing and advertising in place today has no representation of the female or the millennial rider, two demographics that could help improve sales. This new electric bike may be what Harley-Davidson needs to attract new and younger riders.

There are many benefits to electric motorcycles. Electric bikes are more environmentally-friendly and reduce air pollution. Electric bikes use electrons instead of fossil fuels and release no emissions. Riders will also save on gas costs since the bikes are electrically charged. Currently, electric bikes are more expensive than traditional gas motorcycles which also increase the cost of motorcycle insurance. However, as these bikes become more common, buyers can expect to see a decrease in price.