Hidden Gem Sweet Spots in Frisco

Desserts Frisco

Who doesn’t love the sweet stuff? Cookies? Pies? Brownies and treats?

Let’s face it, these aren’t just for the kids, even the most adult of adults loves a sweet treat now and again. There’s something nostalgic about digging into a pie just like grandma made or tucking away some chocolate chip cookies and milk. Sweets bring us back to our roots, remind us of the good stuff of life, and bring comfort with just one bite.

Sweets are universal, aren’t they?

And while Frisco has its fair share of ice cream shops, cupcake bakeries, and cookie stores, there are some hidden gems whipping up unique and fun offerings perfect for the next time your sweet tooth attacks.

Ok, ok, she’s technically not in Frisco. But, in our defense, she’s the best pie baker around and completely worth the extra few miles down 423 to reach her. You can make an argument that a pie lives and dies by the crust, and Melisa’s pies LIVE in their crusts.

Tender and flaky with just a touch of sweet, they form the best foundation for Melisa’s incredible fillings. The sweetest tartest Key Lime you’ve ever had, the lightest, fluffiest chocolate creme and the spiciest and sweetest apple — these are Melisa’s pies.

Melisa the Pie Lady The Colony

Melisa the Pie Lady, The Colony, TX

Available in both large and personal sizes (just in case you need a sweet bite for yourself that you don’t want to share), her pies are available for pre-order or you can visit her adorable shop in The Colony and grab one to go.

Everything about Charlie’s Cookies is original. Including Charlie. Baking since 2016, Charlie has been serving up fresh and delicious cookies to order since 2016.

He’s quite particular about his cookies; you could say they are a passion, and trust me, it shows. Everything Charlie makes is from scratch and top quality, and every flavor is a new adventure, exploring his expansive menu is a bit like walking through a cookie fantasy.

Love Cookies and Cream Ice Cream? Charlie’s got a cookie for that (and yes, it tastes exactly like the ice cream). Have a sweet and salty craving you can’t fight? His Bacon Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie will cure what ails ya.

Charlies Cookie Shop

Valrhona Marble Cookie, Charlie’s Cookie Shop

Want a classic, kicked up a notch? Try the Valrohna Chocolate Cookie; it’s a bit like a chocolate chip cookie on steroids. Like it basic? The Vanilla Bean is basic, but more.

But maybe the best part about Charlie’s Cookies isn’t even the flavor. No. It’s better.

The best part is that every single one of these delicious cookies– he bakes them right before your pick-up time so they’re piping hot and oh-so-gooey when you get them.

That, right there, is cookie perfection. Order on his website and grab yourself a box of cookie heaven.

What happens when you combine the joy of Booba tea, the lure of a coffee shop, and the sweetness of a bakery? Well, you get Annie’s Sweets and Treats, of course. This cute Frisco sweet shop has everything from gourmet cakes to frappes to Milk Tea. And everything in between.

Annies Sweets and Treats Frisco

Annies Sweets & Treats, Frisco

Tucked away in a shopping center at Lebanon and 423, you might miss Annie’s if you’re not looking for it. But that would be a crying shame because Annie’s is a joy to behold.

From gourmet cookies that are literally the size of a human face (we measured) to the macarons that are piled high with filling sandwiched between light and delicate cookies to Bubble tea and a great fro-yo selection, Annie’s pleases adults and kids alike.

But please don’t miss out on Annie’s specialty, the Fish Manjoo. These little fish shaped cakes might look fishy, but don’t let that fool you. Because the delicate and airy sweet cake is baked on a waffle iron-like griddle and filled with the sweetness of your choice.

We chose Nutella, Strawberry and Vanilla Cream. Not unlike a pancake, these little cakes are fun and completely unique. You won’t find them anywhere else in Frisco and these are not to be missed. The only downside about Annies is having to decide what to get, so give them a visit today and get your sweetness on.

The next time you have a hankering for something sugary, give one of these little hidden gems of Frisco a visit and show us a picture of your sweets. Don’t see your favorite on this list? We’re always on the lookout for new Frisco favorites so let us know. We’ll be happy to give them a visit and add them.

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