Homeowners Insurance–Why You Should Consider Additional Endorsements

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A basic homeowners insurance policy can be a life-saving asset for any homeowner. That being said, additional endorsements can provide even more help for any and all homeowners. So, what are additional endorsements? Keep reading to learn more about these incredibly useful attributes which you can add to any standard homeowners insurance policy.

The reason additional endorsements are so helpful is due to the fact that basic homeowners insurance excludes a number of key events from coverage. These excluded perils include floods, earthquakes, pollution, wear-and-tear, frozen pipes, construction defects, vandalism and, of course, intentional damage.

As I stated before, a basic homeowners insurance policy is a fine asset on its own. But, additional endorsements provide even more coverage for the policyholder. For instance, some of the additional endorsements often offered for homeowners insurance policies include water back-up and sump discharge coverage, guaranteed replacement costs, identity fraud expense and personal injury.

Additional Endorsements

Water back-up and sump discharge coverage is pretty self-explanatory. It will cover your humble abode in the case of damages caused by a blocked drainpipe. As the name suggests, it also covers your home in the event of a failed sump pump. With this coverage, those nasty occurrences become only momentary worries. These coverages exist to help relieve any of the stress caused by these sudden events as possible. Guaranteed replacement costs are a more all-encompassing form of additional endorsement. This type of coverage will pay to rebuild your home entirely.

Identity fraud expense is another additional endorsement with a fairly self-explanatory moniker. This type of coverage will cover any losses caused by a case of identity fraud. Even if you’ve never fallen victim to this crime, this form of coverage is still one you should consider. Identity fraud is a common occurrence that can strike the most unsuspecting victims at the most unexpected times.

Finally, personal injury is another additional endorsement worth considering for your homeowners insurance policy. This coverage will protect you against any personal injury claims. It also protects you against injuries resulting from false arrest, invasion of privacy, slander and defamation, as well as wrongful eviction or entry.

More Information

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