How To Extend Your Car’s Lifetime

It’s easy to forget sometimes that you need to take care of your car. Often we get to a point where it doesn’t hit us that it needs maintenance until a warning light comes on or we get a flat tire. You can extend the car’s lifetime with routine maintenance, here’s how.

Inspect Your Tires

Tires are a vital part of the car that you should check at least once a week. Traveling every day brings wear and tear on the tires. Inspect the tires to see if there are any obvious marks on the tire that can cause trouble. You also want to make sure the tire pressure is at the proper level. Having your tires rotated will distribute the wear and tear evenly. Doing so will keep your tires running efficiently and allow for more mileage from the tires.

Car Engine/Fluids

The engine makes the car run, so you always want to be aware of what condition it is in. There are a lot of parts to the engine so it’s recommended you read the owner’s manual to become familiar with it. If that seems like a hassle then make sure you take your car to a mechanic you trust. They will make sure your car is running smoothly and make you aware of any problems.

Your mechanic should also be checking the level of fluids in the car. This includes the coolant, motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. You can also do this yourself if you are willing, the proper levels of the fluid should be stated within the car owner manual.

Air Filter

The air filter in your car is designed to keep dirt and debris from making its way into the engine. If your air filter is dirty that can be harmful to the engine and car overall. It’s a quick fix that you or your mechanic can do quite easily. 

Wash Your Car

You might be surprised but washing your car can help prevent damage over the long run. As your car is exposed to the elements of the world, it gets covered in a lot of things. This can be road salt, dirt and bird droppings. These things will not only make your car look filthy, but they can also corrode the paint. During winter months the build-up of ice and the melting of it could potentially damage the undercarriage. To prevent this from happening, having your car washed regularly can prevent these effects for some time.

Taking care of your car can seem like a bit of a hassle at times. However, if you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance your car will thank you by lasting longer.