How To Make The Best Of Your Commute

The commute to and from work can be brutal. Every 5 minutes wasted in traffic feels like an hour, especially when its the difference between being late or on time. The anxiety rush from your daily commute can put you in a bad place for the remainder of the day. Instead of stressing out, consider how you can make the best of your commute.

Change It Up

The standard approach for managing a long commute is blasting the radio or a favorite playlist. Although it is a solid strategy, some people have grown weary of their playlist or the radio. For those seeking a change of pace, give podcasts a try. There are podcasts that talk about issues, others that talk about pop culture, but there is pretty much something for everyone.

Despite the entertainment podcasts offer, sometimes you need something to put your mind at ease. Try listening too soothing sounds, it can put you in a better place. Listening to calming sounds during your commute, especially if you have a stressful job, can be therapeutic.

Just Breathe

Another excellent option is breathing exercises. Practicing breathing may seem frivolous, yet it is beneficial. Practicing breathing techniques can help lower blood pressure and improves oxygen delivery. It does not take much effort, and it’s not like you’re going anywhere in traffic.

Your daily commute may be the best time for self-reflection. Try crafting a checklist of taks to accomplish at work or at home. Just don’t let the mind wander. Your commute should not revolve around that embarrassing memory from five years ago.  


Self-reflection aids you in prioritizing duties. On your way home from work, self-reflection can be a helpful recap of the day. Use the opportunity to ponder how you maneuvered a situation, or think the day’s accomplishments

Regardless of how you handle the commute, pay attention to the road! These tips are meant to pass the time, not to distract you. A serious accident could result from taking the meditation too far and therefore required to carry the SR-22 certificate.

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