How To Obtain A Motorcycle License

As the weather begins to warm up, you will likely see more motorcycle’s on the road. If you’ve ever wanted to ride a motorcycle, now is the time. Before you can ride a motorcycle legally, you will need a license. This post will explain how to obtain a motorcycle license so you can prepare for the process.

The licensing process for motorcycles largely depends on you completing the permit process and which class of motorcycle license you are seeking. Once you’ve completed the permit requirements, and any training and safety classes you will qualify for a class M or L license. The actual steps to obtain a license may differ depending on your age and any courses you may have taken.

Classy Ride

There are 2 different classes of permits and/or license for motorcycles in Illinois. Class L specifically refers to bikes with 150cc or less displacement, while a Class M is for any motorcycle. There are no restrictions on who can qualify for either class of motorcycle license.

Coming of Age

Technically, persons under 18 years old cannot hold a motorcycle license, however, they can apply for permits as early as 16 years old. There are restrictions placed on the permit holder, but they can operate a motorcycle according to their permit class.

On the other hand, persons 18 years or older who apply for a motorcycle license can obtain it with ease. As long as you’ve passed an IDOT training course and have a valid ID, you can waive the written and on-cycle exams.

Of Course(s)

There are several courses you can take to either develop your on-cycle skills or hone them. IDOT course completion exempts you from on-cycle and written exams, and advanced courses teach you new braking and riding techniques. Regardless of how you go about it, there will be exams and training before you operate a motorcycle in Illinois.

Insurance, Its The Law

Once you’ve completed courses and exams, paid fees, and obtained your license, insurance is the only thing between you and the road. Illinois requires motorist to have motorcycle insurance, but coverage does not have to break the bank. Shop for coverage with Insurance Navy to get the best quote for you, and remember to be safe out there.


Road conditions for motorcycles are ideal in summer months. If you’ve thought about getting a bike you’ll need a license first. The process is not much different from auto licensing, and depending on age and training, you can speed up the process. Regardless of how you pursue a license, buy insurance, and please wear a helmet!