How To Prep Your House For Sale This Spring

Spring is a great season for home sales. To get your house ready for a spring listing, you’ll need to get your home running smoothly so that it is more attractive to potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint and polished floors go a long way.

Get started on these tasks before you contact a realtor to keep your spring listing running as smooth as possible.

Start purging

Grab a bag and start donating. Keeping your house clutter-free will help buyers focus on your home and not the cluttered rooms. This will also help save time and money come moving time. You will not have to move items you have no use for.

Focus on the kitchen

If you are planning to update any areas of your home, make the kitchen a priority. If you are planning on big home improvement projects for your kitchen, let your insurance provider know ahead of time. Remember to ensure contractors have proof of general liability insurance. This decreases the chances of being involved in a lawsuit for a construction-related injury on a property.

Depersonalize your house 

Help buyers visualize themselves living in your home. Take down family portraits, collections, toys and sports equipment. You can fill the empty spaces with simple artwork if you choose to fill in the gaps.

Take exterior photos

Once your home is looking nice and neat, take some good exterior pictures. Most home buyers start their home buying process online and it is important to make a good impression. Pictures will definitely get buyers in the door. If it is in your budget, consider hiring a professional photographer.