How to Transport Your Car When Moving

When most people move, they typically don’t have to worry about a long distance move into another state. In case you do, then there is the concern about how to transport your car when moving. Sure we can rent a truck or have friends with spacious vehicles for furniture. But is there an easier way to get your car halfway across the country? The answer relies on how much you’re willing to pay.

Do it yourself

Now like with everything else in your house, you can buy a car bed or a tow dolly to drive your car yourself to where you need it to be. It is considered to be the cheapest option, but it does carry some conditions you need to consider. The size of the car is the main issue and how far you plan on taking it. 

The bigger the vehicle means more weight, so you’ll have to find a vehicle that is able to effectively tow your car. Then depending on the method you choose, a tow dolly means the front of your car will be lifted and pulled by the rear tires. A car bed means you’ll have to be able to get your car up on the ramp and secured.

Each one comes with ups and downs, but undoubtedly would be the cheapest option. It’s recommended to do this one if your not doing a long drive.

Vehicle Transport Companies

If you don’t want to tow the car yourself you can hire a transport company to do it for you. There are two ways that transportation companies can move a vehicle for you. Open carrier transportation means your car will be exposed to outdoor elements as it is transported. An enclosed carrier transportation will make sure your car is in an enclosed space that will protect your car from outside elements.

Doing an enclosed carrier transportation is beneficial if you have a classic or high-end car. However doing an enclosed transportation is way more expensive than an open carrier, by up to 80% more. On top of that you have to consider your current location, the size and weight of the vehicle, the time of year, and where you are moving to. These all factor into the potential pricing of transporting your car.

If you do plan on using a transportation company, it’s recommended that you inspect you and removing any belongings from the car. Also make sure to see if the company has any insurance in case anything happens to your car while it’s being transported. Check to see if your own insurance company has any coverage for when you transport your car as well.

While this process can be a bit jarring, you can get it done. No matter how you choose to move your car.