How to Workout for Maximum Results in Minimum Time at Practical Fitness

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“Wow… It’s COLD!” The first thing I think upon walking into Practical Fitness for the first time.

After three straight years of doing hot yoga the cold is a bit of a shock.

With a new decade coming up on my birthday, I knew it was time to shake up my workout and add heavier weight training to my regimen, but 65 degrees in small rooms?!?  Okay, I say, as I throw on a sweatshirt even though it’s 98 outside… Let’s do this!

The main reason I’m here? For the…

100% Private Sessions

That’s right, there’s no one else working out with you in the entire studio. It’s just you and a certified, highly educated trainer 100% focused on your form and exertion level to ensure you address your unique needs and get the results you want.

70% of Practical Fitness clients are women 45 and older who hate the thought of walking into a big box gym (i.e. ME!), and busy professionals who don’t have time to waste but want to be as fit and toned as possible.

Plus, this workout has the benefits of increasing longevity and bone density.

Practical Fitness’ retention rate is a whopping 80%. Clients stay year after year because they get RESULTS.

Steady-Pace® Exercise Sessions Based on Super Slow Movements 

Steady Pace® means for each exercise you’ll spend a minimum 7 seconds pushing the weight to full extension (contraction), followed by a minimum of 7 seconds fighting gravity until returning to rest for 1 second completing 1 rep. You’ll then repeat that 15-second rep until you’ve worked that muscle group for a total of at least 1 minute and 30 seconds of constant exertion.

By slowing down the pace of the each exercise, you’re raising the intensity to a high level so that it becomes a stimulus your muscles can’t ignore.

90 seconds of constant exertion doesn’t sound that long but believe me when I say that my muscles are screaming at the end of a session!

That level of stimulus (synthesizing new muscle and its supporting metabolic changes) will force your body to adapt and full recovery takes roughly 4 days to occur.

That also means that you’ll spend only thirty minutes once or twice a week for the best results. For those of us used to working out every day, for an hour or longer, 30 minutes 1-2 times a week doesn’t seem like much, but the science behind the method is solid. And working out more when you’re working out at that intensity level can be counter productive.

Hear it straight from Alcyr Coelho, Founder of Practical Fitness

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Benefits of Practical Fitness Steady-Pace® Exercise

Beyond maintaining or increasing muscle mass there are several other benefits of Steady Pace® exercise including:

  • Cardio-Respiratory Health
  • Increased Muscular Strength
  • Increased Muscular Endurance
  • Increased Flexibility/Joint Health
  • Increased Bone Density / Connective Tissue
  • Ideal Body Composition / Metabolism
  • Ideal Neurological Health

But What About The Cold?

But, let’s get back to the cold. About 10 minutes into my workout, because of the heavy strain of each exercise, my body is used to it and I’m enjoying an added benefit of not having to remove my makeup or tie my hair up.

In addition, this program only takes 30 minutes, so I have slipped out of the office mid-day, worked out, put my business clothes back on, and gotten right back to work. Minimal time spent, no shower necessary.

Then, there are the physical benefits of working out in a colder environment. By keeping the temperature lower, you have to work harder forcing you to burn more calories. It may also enhance your endurance and mental edge leaving you feeling happier and more energized.

If you want to spend less time working out, while achieving better results, and less disruption to your daily routine, then Practical Fitness is worth looking into.

I’m progressing in my fitness goals again, and I know they can help you get there too!

You may want to listen in as trainer and Managing Partner, Jeff Gotte explains the benefits of Steady Pace® exercise.

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