I Went on a Date to the Bridal Show. You Should, Too. 

Published on: Tue, Jan 14, 2020

My friends said I was crazy. My family said I was crazy. My sister scolded me for days, rebuking the idea as “ridiculous,” “silly” and “the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done,” which, coming from her, was pretty standard. I didn’t mind. My mind was set, and I was going to take my then-girlfriend to the bridal show. 

It was crazy. It was ridiculous, silly and, quite possibly, the most outrageous thing I’ve ever done. But she loved it. The vendors, the spectacle, the excitement and energy, and the sheer beauty of Monroe Pearson made for the perfect unique date. And I, as your resident Love Guru, know a thing or two about fun and unique outings. That is why I am advocating that you take a trip down Oak Street later this month for the Denton Bridal Show at the magnificent Monroe Pearson.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you and your significant other have only been on a date or two, or are firmly entrenched in the “no label” zone, then the Bridal Show is not the best place for a date. However, if you and your partner or getting serious, or if you know someone who is getting serious, then it is worth checking out. 

Photo by Mike Mezeul II Photography

When my now-wife and I walked into Monroe Pearson for our visit to the Bridal Show, our first question was, “Can we get married here?” The space is a sublime merging of rustic and modern, with subtle accents that create a serene, beautiful environment. In other words, it is a fantastic place to pledge your love for significant other in front of your friends and family and — if you’re like me — ugly cry mid-vows.

Alas, my wife and I did not get married at Monroe Pearson. As much as we loved it, geography intervened, and we chose a location much closer to her family. But here’s the thing: the bridal show was still immensely helpful. Monroe Pearson is a must-see (the Bridal Show is a great way to see this spectacular event space before booking it for your upcoming nuptials), but so are the DJs, officiants, florists and caterers sharing their crafts. It sounds cliche, my dear Love Guru fans, but the Denton Bridal Show is a celebration of love and the many talented people who play a part in making your special day happen. 

As someone who has recently tied the knot, I assure you that it takes a village. Find your village at the Denton Bridal Show. It’s okay to be a little ridiculous, silly, or outrageous. After all, is there any way to be in love?

The Denton Bridal Show is this Saturday at the Monroe Pearson, 421 E Oak St. Admission is $10 online or at the door and includes one raffle ticket for door prizes. See more info here.