Industrial Street Pop Festival Turns Back Time

Published on: Sun, Oct 14, 2018

Hypothesis: While the body ages with time, the mind picks a spot and just stays there.

It’s a glorious sunny day. The sunroof is open, I’ve got my shades on and the warm breeze tosses my hair as I cruise along the street. The radio is turned up, and I’m belting out the words because I know them by heart. Head bobbing to the beat, I slow for a traffic signal.

A couple of youngsters in the car next to me are staring. At me. Are they even old enough to be driving? A quick glance when the light turns green confirms they really are staring and laughing at me.

I look in the mirror to see what’s so funny. Hair blown sideways? Food in my teeth? Something hanging out of the car door? Nothing seems amiss.

Then it hits me.

The “geezers” behind the Industrial Street Pop Festival.

What did those kids see when they looked my way? Obviously, they didn’t see me how I was feeling – young, carefree and, admittedly kind of cool. They saw somebody old enough to be their mom, rocking like a schoolgirl. I laugh out loud, sing with even greater gusto and finger-drum on my steering wheel for good measure.

This scene has happened to me more than once. I feel like that young version of me quite often. On occasion, a passing glance at a mirror almost surprises me, a startling reminder that time has marched on, and it keeps on marching.

I love music’s superpower to whisk me back in time. If you can relate, this coming Saturday is especially for you.

The Industrial Street Pop Festival aka “Geezerpalooza (ISPF) is a Denton Original festival started in 2012 for the generation whose soundtrack is mostly played on oldies radio stations these days. It is a genre rarely featured in Denton’s predominantly indie music venues. That’s why a single-minded group of geezers decided Denton needed a touch of our tunes and an event designed with us in mind.

While none of us see ourselves as geezers, we thought the Geezer reference was funny. It is arresting, in a way, to realize we are geezer-age by a youngsters’ standards, but not one of us thinks like a geezer. We don’t see geezers when we’re sitting around the ISPF planning table, and we don’t feel like geezers when we’re hosting the thousands that come out for our bash of the past. We’re ready to party like the kids we were then, just on slightly different terms.

The geezer team is headed up by Geezer-in-Charge (GIC) Randy Robinson along with Tim House, Dan Mojica, Scott Campbell, Rob Houdek, Monte Jensen, Kate Lynass, Julie Glover and yours truly, me. Here’s what’s in store:

First, as the name implies, ISPF will unfold in the heart of Denton’s music scene, the Industrial Street entertainment district, surrounded by Denton’s hot spots for food and beverages. Back porch conversation areas are designated for rehashing the old days. Bring lawn chairs, and feel free to dress the part. Drag out some of those hippie threads stuffed in the back of a closet.

Secondly, Dan’s Silver Leaf owner Dan Mojica is the ISPF music planner. He’s lined up bands to pay tribute all afternoon to some of the era’s greats: The Who, The Pretenders, Stevie Wonder and Linda Ronstadt.

Finally, ISPF is this coming Saturday, October 20, from 1-8 p.m. We may think young a lot of the time, but the festival hours keep our bedtime in mind.

Out festival. Our terms. Our music. Our kind of fun.

But, don’t be surprised at the multi-generational crowd. ISPF is for everyone. If your kids are like ours, they cut their teeth to our tunes and grew up with our soundtrack playing in the background. They have as much fun celebrating our songs as the rest of us do.

While admission to ISPF is free, cash donations are encouraged to benefit the Monsignor King Outreach Center and Our Daily Bread.

Denton is a music city, and music-lovers come in all shapes, sizes, styles…and ages. ISPF adds a previously missing layer to our eclectic sound. Some may sneer at the cover band concept, saying there is no originality there. But au contraire! This was the original music of “back then” and it deserves to be brought out and dusted off.

Conclusion: Our bodies age, but our minds really do pick a spot and just stay there.

ISPF reflects one of those spots. It’s how we rolled (and sometimes still do), and it’s Denton’s guaranteed best blast to the past.

Curious about the Industrial Street Pop Festival? Groove out after checking out the info here.