Kirsten and Adam Lile – It’s Your Move with the Cheney Group

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Interview #104

With a passion for connecting the right family to the perfect home, Kirsten and Adam Lile have all the insights when it comes to home buying and beautifying in Frisco. At the Cheney Group, Adam is no stranger to multimillion-dollar deals and Kirsten believes that surrounding yourself with exquisite objects is the way to turn a house into a home.

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Show Notes:

00:29 – What are Kirsten and Adam’s backgrounds and how did they come to Frisco
01:25 – What does the real estate market in Frisco look like now
03:17 – How have the Liles shifted the way they show and sell homes today and how have clients reacted to these changes
06:17 – What is the outlook for the real estate market through the end of 2020
09:00 – What are the home interior design trends for 2020
10:13 – What are buyers looking for in homes today
11:27 – How can I update my home now during the quarantine

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