Lifestyle Loungewear – Dress to Impress Without the Stress

lifestyle loungewear

There’s a lot of confusion around loungewear. I get it. It’s tricky trying to figure out what’s sartorially acceptable to wear in public and what you should probably keep at home.

Although workwear has evolved dramatically for both men and women over the last 50 years, most of us still observed a distinction between work clothes and home clothes until the pandemic hit. Now, we’re in the era of WFH outfits that, while hardly “professional,” take us from household chores to Zoom meetings to workouts to child-wrangling.

Seriously… Get Dressed

An altered workplace environment calls for a new kind of hybrid dressing without losing the professionalism. As savvy men and women are preparing for Fall 2020 rife with uncertainty, it’s time to stop showing up to video calls in t-shirts, gym shorts, and yoga pants.

What was acceptable in April, May, and June, (after all, this is going to go away in the summer, right? HA!) now has a clear chance of negatively affecting your professional reputation, how seriously you’re taken in meetings, and your shot at that next promotion.

With every type of career and industry comes a certain set of rules for looking your best, and your individual style comes from some of the personal choices in your look. But, following these three essential rules will help you lock up your loungewear look.

  1. Stick to the basics: Mastering simplicity is key to the modern loungewear look. A perfectly styled loungewear outfit is not about flashiness. It’s about combining a few simple, high-quality, yet well-structured pieces and highlighting a couple of special details.
  2. Stay away from too many bright colors and patterns: Speaking of keeping it simple, stay away from neon, too bright colors, and patterns in your looks. Stick to modern, clean, and elegant pieces. That means muted tones and neutral colors (camel, black, gray, navy, forest green, and cream). If you want to incorporate some color into your outfit, try picking one colorful piece or detail. Guys, here’s where you put on a tie with flair. Ladies, red is an excellent “pop of color” yet still falls in the professional color scheme – think scarves, a classic brooch, earrings, or a statement necklace. Keep everything else neutral and clean.
  3. Go for a tailored look: The modern loungewear look is tailored. You want clothes that highlight your physique and craft a look that is flattering even when you’re comfortable and relaxing between video meetings.

Personally, I get excited about new fall styles EVERY September. But now, it’s much more about finding nice things that are also really comfortable, look great on camera, and make me feel good. So, here’s a list of brands that are filling my and Scott‘s closets this season.

For Herwomens professional loungewear workfromhome

  • Soma – More than 15 years ago, this all-women team made a promise—to design loungewear that fuses fashion and function—so you would never have to choose between the two.
  • Brooklinen – Simple, ultra-comfortable, high-quality loungewear pieces that make you feel like you never left bed in effortless silhouettes, with a color palette designed to mix and match.
  • LESET – Guided by the principles that one should never sacrifice comfort for style when you can have both, LESET delivers elevated essentials at an accessible price point.
  • Oyun Studio – A collection of cozy knit foundation pieces that will elevate the way women think about leisure or loungewear. Luxe styles with the aim to simplify the process of getting dressed.
  • Leimere – Women’s cashmere-infused knitwear that’s perfect for everyday luxury. Whether you’re relaxing around the house, heading to morning yoga, or setting off on another adventure, these pieces make an ideal addition to your day.
  • Quince – A men’s and women’s brand that believes in everyday products you’ll look great in. Products made from high quality, sustainable materials and real workmanship. Products that last wear after wear.
  • Ninety Percent – A London-based sustainable womenswear label that shares 90% of their profits between charitable causes and those who make their collection happen.
  • Naked Cashmere – An eco-friendly cashmere brand that produces a variety of loungewear styles all made from 100 percent recycled cashmere!

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  • Western Rise – Creating products that allow the modern, active man to own less, carry less, and experience more whether that’s traveling, spending time outdoors, or in the day-to-day.
  • Todd Snyder – A design expert for the modern gentleman offering signature essentials, statement pieces, custom suiting, and iconic accessories reflective of quintessential American style.
  • Mack Weldon – Reinventing men’s basics with premium fabrics, smart design, and simple shopping.
  • Ministry of Supply – Keep your cool with video-call-ready clothing engineered to stretch, breathe, and wick moisture, for immense comfort. MoS has been carbon-neutral from day zero, and they’re investing in projects to minimize the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Ralph Lauren – A global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products for more than 50 years with a mission to inspire the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless American style.
  • Naked Cashmere – an eco-friendly cashmere brand that produces a variety of loungewear styles made from 100 percent recycled cashmere!
  • Quince – A men’s and women’s brand that believes in everyday products you’ll look great in. Products made from high quality, sustainable materials and real workmanship. Products that last wear after wear.
  • J Hilburn – Our very own “best-dressed photographer in Frisco,” Suad Bejtovic, also represents the Dallas-based custom clothier, J Hilburn. These pieces are perfect for screen time meetings, a touch-base with your boss, walking the dog, home-schooling yours kids, or even a round of golf. Suad has you covered to look and feel your very best.

So, put down the peanut butter jar (just for a sec!), take a trip to your closet, and be honest about what’s lacking. Keep calm and indulge in some much-needed retail therapy. Because WFH should be basic, but never boring.