Lincoln Financial Life Insurance Review 2019

lincoln financial group review

Settling on a reliable life insurance package isn’t something many people like to think about because it carries terrible connotations and a certain amount of dread.

Lately, term life insurance policies have come under the ire of reports for predatory practices and false advertising. However, investing in superior life insurance can help protect your assets for your family and provide a secure income through your retirement if appropriately handled.

Lincoln Financial Life Insurance is a quality provider with a long and healthy pedigree that goes back a century. They provide excellent Term, Universal, and Variable Universal policies that offer attractive benefits through your retirement and beyond.

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Is Lincoln Financial Group a Good Company?

lincoln financial group logoLincoln Financial Life Insurance and its parent company, Lincoln Financial Group, are some of the most reputable companies around.

Lincoln Financial Group is listed as a Fortune 250 company, meaning it is one of the top 250 companies nationwide in terms of total revenue. This level of financial stability provides reliable and secure backing for its insurance products.

It was initially founded in 1905 when Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, granted permission to use his father’s likeness for promotional material. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the best life insurance providers in the nation.

What does Lincoln Financial do?

Lincoln Financial offers a wide variety of financial support for retirement, including several different types of life insurance, annuities, and retirement planning. It utilizes a half-century of knowledge to create an entire portfolio for its clients based on their financial goals and their projected needs throughout their retirement.

Lincoln Financial Life Insurance policies can be bought either as an individual policy or as part of an employment compensation package. The plans are arranged in several tiers of risk, at varying expense levels from short-term life policies to more expensive universal ones.

Lincoln Financial also offers other non-insurance related retirement planning, including the purchase of annuities, managing retirement balances, and consulting.

With around 14 Billion in equity, Lincoln Financial is on a firm footing to back its clients’ retirement plans with minimal risk of insolvency. And it’s consistently rated as one of the top life insurance providers in the nation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

What does Lincoln Financial Offer?

Lincoln Financial offers five different types of retirement programs. Four of them are different levels of Life Insurance policies: term, universal, Indexed Universal, and Variable Universal. It also offers Fixed and Variable Annuities.


Lincoln Financial offers several different term life insurance options guaranteed to pay out if activated before the expiration date. They’re cost-effective and a shorter-term option for those who are mainly hoping to protect their loved ones from debt and expenses.

The total amount of the policy will pay out when it’s activated without taxes applied, ensuring payment of the policy owners’ debts and expenses.


Universal policies allow the total amount of the payoff to grow at a set amount. Policy owners can change the amount of the monthly premium and the amount of the death benefit while the policy is in effect.

Indexed Universal

An indexed universal policy leverages the power of investment while fixing its benefits to avoid potential market catastrophes. It’s less subject to market volatility. But it can also be used to pay out benefits before the policy is fully activated.

Indexed Universal policies are not available in all states, so check with your planner for details.

Variable Universal

Like the indexed universal policies, it leverages the power of the market but contains more volatility. With the volatility comes more personal control, however. This policy allows you to choose how to invest your premiums.

The cash value of your policy can grow significantly depending on the success of your investments. It can also provide living benefits to enjoy before policy activation.


Annuities allow you to pull your 401K into a fixed or variable annuity account, which pays when you retire. It creates a fund to pay you a steady paycheck once you retire, rather than taking the full amount of retirement out of your 401k account.

What is the rating of Lincoln Financial Group?

The Lincoln Financial Group and Lincoln Financial Life Insurance are consistently rated very highly on almost all levels.

They’re frequently in the top five of all rated and vetted life insurance providers. Standard and Poors list them as the 4th highest out of 21, and Moody’s puts them at 5th out of 21.

Independent reviewers rate them high for the quality of service as well as excellence in customer service. But they also mention that Lincoln Financial can be slow to provide quotes when requested.

Pros & Cons of Lincoln Financial Group


Low costs on Universal policies: Universal policies are usually more expensive in general than term policies. However, Lincoln Financial’s Universal policies for smokers are less costly than many other insurers offering similar programs.

High financial stability: Lincoln Financial has been around for a long time. As such, it’s become one of the most respected and consistent insurers available, with a healthy amount of equity built up. Customers can rest assured that their money will be there when they need it. There’s little risk of losing their investment.

Long track record and history: Lincoln Financial Group has been in business since 1905. It’s one of the enduring insurers in the market and has generations of experience. Customers can leverage their expertise and connections to ensure they’re getting a stable and reliable product with fewer long-term risks than other insurers.


According to some reviewers: Lincoln Financial is slower to deliver quotes to its customers. It doesn’t have an online quote calculator, which other companies provide to give their customers a rough sense of their premiums before they agree to a policy. Customers must fill out an online form and submit it, which the website sends to a local agent for review and contact.

The agent may take weeks to return your full quote.

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