Little Bit of Happy: A Business Birthed in Quarantine

Little Bit of Happy Frisco Texas

After Countdown 2 Escape was mandated to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, owners Fred and Shannon Hammond immediately took notice of businesses everywhere reinventing themselves. They wanted to follow suit, providing their loyal customers and dedicated staff a way to stay connected to the Rail District’s most beloved, all-inclusive team building venue.

Their goal was steadfast. To preserve their mission of being a local company that strives to create unique, fun, and memorable experiences that strengthen the connection for guests, teams, and the community.

As the Hammonds continued to brainstorm their next business move, Shannon started a Facebook page called “Good Stuff Frisco,” which had the sole purpose of sharing the positive and commendable acts noticed around the city. The response from the community to “Good Stuff Frisco” was so supportive that the Hammonds knew they had tapped into an unserved need, something that amazingly aligned with the heart of Countdown 2 Escape and what they most wanted to be remembered for.

On April 28th, a Little Bit of Happy was born.

Combining Shannon’s years of working in the Dallas Gift Market, and Fred’s experience of selling Springbok puzzles, Little Bit of Happy is a local online and in-store business that offers jigsaw puzzles and bundles of unique and seasonal specialty items designed to make you happy.

Little Bit of Happy, much like Countdown 2 Escape, was founded on the mission that puzzles connect people and gift bundles create memorable, unique experiences.

The Hammond’s were beyond overwhelmed that the community shared the same enthusiasm and vision.

Puzzles Little Bit of HappyWithin two days, they sold out of multiple puzzles and bundles. Fred, who now calls himself FredEx, delivers the products fast and for free. Community orders have been pouring in so quickly, the Hammonds we’re even invited to set up a Little Bit of Happy kiosk in the GrayHawk community.

Little Bit of Happy has some (top-secret) big things in store for the future, but the Hammond’s did give us a sneak peek into some of their most popular current offerings such as a stylized “hands-free” door opener and button pusher key chains that help guests stay safe as they shop and interact in the community.

Another example was a 400-piece Springbok “Family Puzzle” which consists of family fun images as well as big pieces on the outside for inexperienced puzzlers and smaller ones in the middle for more advanced family members.

In October, Little Bit of Happy will be offering a fun Halloween puzzle as well as Symbols of Strength, a Breast Cancer Awareness puzzle. All offerings will be unique, on-trend, and never deviating from the Hammond’s vision of supporting local.

Countdown 2 Escape, and now Little Bit of Happy, will always be focused on creating amazing experiences for their guests, which is evident by the continuation of free, fast, FredEx delivery and their BOPUC (buy online pick up at Countdown) option.

Little Bit of Happy Frisco TX

The Hammond’s expressed their undeniable gratitude and thanks for their customers who have supported not only their small businesses but also their initiative to spread happiness during a time of such uncertainty.

Everyone needs a Little Bit of Happy right now. Thank you, Fred and Shannon, for delivering that straight into the heart of our community.