Lone Star Benefits: A North Star in the Industry

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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” — Henry Ford

A savvy business owner knows that caring for one’s team members is an important part of any business’ success. But when it comes to things like benefits and insurance, the baton often gets dropped. A company may offer fantastic perks, a beautiful workplace, and lots of PTO, but benefits and insurance are what really matter when life happens to employees. 

Ideally, an employee would rest secure, knowing that they understood the details of their benefits packages and employer-provided insurance. Employees facing sudden illness or injury or simply trying to ensure that their family’s financial future is sound often realize too late that they misunderstood their benefits. 

Enter Lone Star Benefits, a Frisco-based insurance agency that offers a full suite of products to make the process of providing employee benefits a painless, pleasant affair.

Lone Star Benefits

The Lone Star Benefits team works with employers to offer health, dental, vision, life, disability, and a host of other options to employees, finding the best carriers to meet the clients’ needs and budget. All insurance carriers are represented, so employers are sure to be offered the best options for their employees.

Founder John Heath started LSB in 1998 after working for a large national agency since the 1980s. He realized that most agents in the space were more focused on chasing large sales goals than on sincerely engaging with their clients.

Clients were often passed off to impersonal account teams after the initial sale of an insurance package. Heather Bowers, Founding Partner of Lone Star Benefits, explains,

Groups need an agent to come alongside them and be available year-round to assist with questions about benefits and support service. Heath didn’t want to just chase sales numbers; rather, he wanted to make a real difference when it came to client interactions.

After the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, many boutique-style agencies were sold to the larger national brokerage houses. Very few small, nimble agencies remained. Lone Star Benefits, however, flourished in the new environment. Bowers notes,

Because of the year-round service that we provide to our clients and because we don’t just chase sales goals likes large brokerages, we’re able to make a real difference to our clients when it comes to administering their benefits program. We pride ourselves on providing a high-touch white-glove level of service to our clients throughout the year.

Employee benefits agencies often feel cold and impersonal. Employees and employers deal with them only when it’s time to renew or in moments of crisis.

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Lone Star strives to develop long-term relationships with clients and currently boast a 98.7% client retention rate. The service that they provide is unmatched in the industry.

As with so many other industries, COVID-19 impacted Lone Star Benefits and its clients. Besides impacting the way that clients, their employees, and the benefits agency interact and execute meetings, Bowers noted,

COVID impacted the finances of some of the businesses of our clients negatively, but they still are committed to providing great benefits for their teams.

Lone Star Benefits is supporting the new needs of clients amidst a normal end-of-year flood of renewals. They’re also ensuring that clients understand their benefits packages as many move to a work-from-home environment by creating short informative videos about their various products.

Access and Advocacy

One area that is seeing dramatic growth for Lone Star Benefits is the telemedicine arena. Many of their clients are choosing to enhance their telemedicine offerings to help ensure that their employees have access to doctors, mental health professionals, and advocacy assistance from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Lone Star Benefits thrives on providing support to faithful employers who are dedicated to caring for their employees well.

Additionally, the benefits industry has seen an enormous increase in the investment employers are making in technology. Following the trend, Lone Star Benefits has invested intentionally in agency-wide cutting-edge technology.

They now rely on CRM, knowledge-based systems, and digital platforms that assist clients with online enrollments to elevate the ease, efficiency, and accuracy of the benefits enrollment process.

Changes on the Horizon

After 46 years in the industry, Heath decided to focus on serving his clients rather than the work of running an agency and Bowers will be acquiring Lone Star Benefits by the end of the year. She notes,

Lone Star Benefits Heather Bowers

I’ve had 20 years learning from John and following in his footsteps. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to buy the agency and continue to make Lone Star Benefits one of the best boutique agencies in Texas.

— Heather Bowers, Founding Partner of Lone Star Benefits

In a universe of confusing buzzwords and impersonal service, Lone Star Benefits shines as a unique example of the way a company dedicated to its clients can infuse offerings with humanity.

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