Melody of Hope: A Musical Fundraiser in the Key of (F)risco

Melody Of Hope

The first concert I ever went to was to see Raffi. If you’re around my age you know who I’m talking about. Some people brag that their first concert was something awesome and big like Def Leppard or NKOTB or Garth Brooks or Yanni. Odds are it was the Wiggles or Sesame Street Live. I had Raffi.

I’ve been to numerous concerts. Some I went to because I loved the band. Some I went to for the opportunity to “socialize.” Some I went to because I didn’t know I was walking into a concert until I got there. “Oh, who’s that? They’re pretty good.”

I don’t recall a concert I’ve ever been to that carries the power of purpose as does Melody of Hope.

Melody of Hope is a non-profit advocating for other D/FW area nonprofit organizations through benefit concerts across the Dallas Fort Worth area. They partner with over 50 non-profits each year, providing musical entertainment for their events.

“There’s so much good that can be done with music.” – Charlie Wendell

What sets Melody of Hope apart is that Melody of Hope seeks out the non-profit and for good reason. Wendell says,

A lot of these non-profit events, they didn’t have a music component to them. They never thought about it, you know? It’s just their mission is not centered around music and so it’s just something that they had never thought about.

Melody Of HopeMelody of Hope (MOH) is a grassroots community organization that exists to strengthen, support, and advocate area nonprofit organizations through the power of music.

MOH hosts concerts and showcases that feature up-and-coming artists while focusing on a greater cause. Charlie says,

We love helping … so if any nonprofit [has] an event, go ahead and email me.

Charlie and Melody of Hope have supported an anthology of programs from disabled adults, veterans, and children to health services and humanitarian aid. At-risk women and children benefit as do the arts and culture in your community.

Let the music bring hope.

As with most musicians, the audience is whoever desires to listen and in the case of Melody of Hope, the music is for whomever needs to be heard.

Melody Of HopeThe primary purpose is to strengthen non-profits currently making a difference in the community. Fundraising can be difficult, but Melody of Hope is there to help potential donors sing a different tune.

Another aspect is that they adopt an umbrella form of donating.

Charlie has said that it’s difficult to pick and choose non-profits to support because there are so many fabulous options. A donation to Melody of Hope is a way to donate to all causes Melody of Hope supports.

That has a nice ring to it.

This isn’t just a call for donors and non-profits though. This is an orchestra of organization for musicians across the country to join the band and help the cause. I’m looking at you, Raffi.

Strike a chord and get on board.

The 6th annual Hope for the Holidays Christmas Gala presented by VarioHealth is at the Embassy Suites in Frisco on Saturday, December 7th, 2019. The upscale black-tie event will offer a chance to mix and mingle, sing a jingle, and Kris and Kringle with hundreds of Frisco’s community members, business owners, and musicians.

Melody Of Hope

This is the one time a year where Melody of Hope holds a fundraiser for themselves, but really it’s to build a crescendo towards all of the amazing work they will do the following year. Tickets will include a plated dinner, drinks, a silent auction, and of course multiple genres of live music.

You’re even allowed to dance though they aren’t liable for any damage caused to your tuxedo as you twist the night away.

Think about the first concert you ever attended and what it meant to you. Think about all the concerts you’ve attended and what they all meant to you.

Melody of Hope Gala 2018 160With Melody of Hope, think about a concert that you can attend and what it might mean to someone else. You might be there for the band. You might be there to “socialize.” You might have a “oh, who’s that” moment.

In this case, with Charlie Wendell and Melody of Hope, you’ll be there for something bigger. At the end of this Melody, Hope is the encore.

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